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December 2008 - Manifesting Secrets

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Are you interested in finally manifesting the life you want? Do you want to feel more happy and optimistic? Have you tried positive thinking only to fall back to your old negative self-limiting patterns and habits? I’ve received a lot interest from my readers to talk about the secrets behind manifesting what you desire, whether it’s prosperity, relationships, a special goal, the home of your dreams, or anything else.

Beginning in this issue, and in selected newsletter editions throughout 2009, I will focus on several secrets to manifesting what you truly want. While hundreds of my clients have also found it greatly beneficial to release their limiting core causes that block their success, through hypnosis, these are some tips you can beginning using today. If you have a friend or relative who could benefit from these ongoing articles, feel free to forward our newsletter.

You’re not clear about what you want and why you want it. What is the bottom line of “why” you want it? Most people are afraid to be specific about what they want because they don’t believe they can achieve it and they don’t know how they’ll achieve it. We’ll talk about the “how” part in future newsletters. Until you are specific and clear about what you want, you will simply continue to manifest life by default, in other words, you will continue to manifest what you focus on most, good or bad. If you are focusing on not having, or not clear about what you want, the universe will match your continued “not having” or non-specific results. The “why” you want it is huge too. If you want something because you’re trying to prove something to the world, to your ex-spouse, or to show them, thinking “look at me”, you are simply creating an inner conflict that doesn’t feel good. This type of thinking, or “why” is focusing on not being good enough, and on not having it yet. So stop doing things that make you feel bad. When you feel bad, your create resistance. When you are in resistance what you want does not manifest.

Here is the really big secret to the “why” part. Most people say they want the big house, or the right relationship, or to lose weight, or have the latest model car, etc., because of the way they think it will make them feel. So ask yourself this: how would you feel if you achieved your dream house, the right relationship, or lost the weight, or perhaps that really cool sports car, or whatever your dream is? Most people will say things like, “I’d feel successful, I’d feel loved, I’d feel confident, I’d feel happy”, etc., etc. Now here’s the truth: what you really want is the feeling. It isn’t necessarily the house, the relationship, the lost weight, the car, or whatever you want, although that can be nice; what you want is to feel the feeling of having it. The reality is, many times, when you achieve your dream, you discover that after having it, you’re not necessarily happy. In the end, you don’t necessarily feel successful, or loved. Many people who have experienced this reality after achieving their dreams will also use it to self-sabotage their dreams, simply because they realized the thing, the dream, the house, the slim body, the car, or whatever didn’t make them happy or content.

So, the secret in tip #1 is to be specific about what you want, and most importantly to consciously choose to feel the feeling that you believe the achievement of your goal would give you. This is a big win-win. When you first choose to feel good, when you choose to feel loved, when choose to feel successful, when you choose to feel the feeling of what you believe your goal will provide for you as though you already have it, two very big things will happen.

First, you will feel really good and that will attract more situations and people that will support you’re feeling good. Second, when you are feeling the positive feelings or emotions you believe that achievement will provide, before it arrives or manifests, you are not in resistance to it showing up and you are more likely to manifest it when you are in that state of joy, or happiness.

Here’s what you can begin doing today and right now to utilize what we’ve talked about, to help you begin to manifest your dreams. Every day, write in a journal your “intentions” and your “delegations”.

Intentions are the feelings you want to feel on a regular basis. Example: “I intend to feel happy”. “I intend to be allowing”. “I intend to be open”. “I intend to feel loved”. “I intend to feel safe”. “I intend to feel successful”.  “I intend to feel grateful”. “I intend to feel lucky”, “I intend to be present”. Etc., etc.  Intentions are even more important than delegations, because it is the feeling that puts you in the state for receiving your goals. Setting “intentions” to be or feel a specific way or ways does not mean that you can maintain that state all the time. Everyone has their ups and downs, but it is simply setting the intention to feel good as often as possible.

Delegations are the specific goals you want to achieve and you are simply handing them over to the universe to manifest for you. That means that when you write them, feel excited about them, but once you write them down, let it go, release and let the universe take over. Write as many intentions and delegations as you desire each day. Today it might be one, other days it might be 20. The key is in feeling good when you write them. Only do what feels good. Here are some sample delegations:

“I am so thankful to God/universe for showing me a way that I can own the home of my dreams, or something better.”

“I am so thankful to God/universe for giving me the perfect solution to spending more time with my children, or something better.”

“I am so thankful to God/universe for giving me a way to land the career of my dreams, or something better.”

“I am so thankful to God/universe for showing me a way to create “X” amount of income consistently each and every month, or something better.”

“I am so thankful to God/universe for helping me to have a deeper, more meaningful relationship with my spouse, or something better.”

The reason for adding “or something better”, is so that the universe can surprise you. Many times, our goals show up in a package or a way we didn’t expect, and we are just releasing to that possibility.

There is an interesting thing you will also notice as you do this daily. Inspiration will just come to you. Ideas, thoughts, solutions, and answers of how to achieve your goals will just pop into your head. When they do, write them down. Remember too, that every goal has its own gestation time of how long it takes to manifest. It will probably take longer to manifest the perfect job, versus the perfect parking space. Be in peace knowing that what you want is coming, and just keep up the daily journal and above all, choose to be happy. Commit to doing this for 30 days or more and watch the magic happen. It is recommended that you do this every day or at least 4 – 6 times week as a commitment to yourself and your life. After you’ve done this for at least 30 days or more, I’d love to hear any feedback or testimonials. Enjoy your practice.

If you are committed to accelerating your goals even quicker, consider coming in for a private hypnosis session to release any core causes blocking your success or for personal coaching.

Remember what you want, wants you!

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