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March 2015    
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           Hello, this is Deborah Lindemann, Clinical Hypnotherapist.
                        Welcome to our March 2015 Newsletter.

Here's your latest tips and tools to help you live the life you truly love. Remember hypnosis is the fastest and easiest way to change what's not working in your life

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How Your Outlook Can Cause Dementia & Alzheimer's
How To Spiritually Cleanse Yourself & Your Home
You're How Old?
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"Work like you don't need the money.

Love like you've never been hurt.

Dance like nobody's watching".






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Phone Hypnosis
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How Your Outlook Can Cause...         Dementia & Alzheimer's

Are you a constant worrier, or do you know someone who is? Perhaps you've met people who are quite cynical or just plain negative. Neuro-science has found that there is a direct correlation between negative thinking and brain decline. The good news is, you can change your thinking and your thoughts to support a healthy brain and a rewarding life.
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    How To Spiritually 
     Cleanse Yourself... 
& Your Home 

Have you ever experienced walking into someone's home and you just know there had been an argument? Perhaps your mood suddenly changes when a particular person walks into the room? Maybe you've been caring for a loved one with an ongoing serious health condition?

Your environment, whether it's at work or home can take on unhealthy energies, like a residual resonance or thought-field left behind. This is often referred to as a "morphic resonance" or "morphic field".

Either way, it's real and palpable and here's what you can do.
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       You're How Old?
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This natural anti-aging supplement can help your body heal and repair every cell in your body!   


Is your digestion poor? No problem! Even if your cells are not absorbing nutrients, the molecules of this product are so small, they go directly into your cells without having to digest anything.  


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