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April/May 2012    
Photo: Deborah Lindemann CHT Hello, this is Deborah Lindemann, Clinical Hypnotherapist.
Welcome to our April/May Newsletter: LPGMindworks. 

 Happy Mother's Day to all you incredible mothers out there! We will return to
monthly publication in June.

Many of you have been following my 4 part series on "Taming The Monkey Mind". April was a super busy month for us, so be watching for part 4 in our June edition

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In This Issue
Tales From The Womb
Stress, Weight Gain & The Muffin Top
The Near Death Experience
In Closing...
Thought For
The Day


First Aid CD Cover


  "Let's all have a near life experience."    

by Bernie Siegel  





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Tales From The Womb

Did you know that many of your life issues may go back as far as in the womb? Did you know that when you were in your mother's womb that you didn't know the difference between your mother's thoughts and yours? It was like you were just part of her body and you didn't know the difference. When your mother felt an emotion or had a limiting belief, you thought it was your emotion or belief about life. In addition, many of your life's decisions or the common patterns you experience in life may have been decided by you while in the womb.  


Let me share a few amazing stories from some of my clients recently.


First Aid CD Cover 


Stress, Weight Gain...

and the Muffin Top


Are you fighting the battle of the bulge? 
Weight Loss is one of the number one reasons clients come in for hypnosis. Many of my clients are women and they frequently lament over what they call their muffin top. Stress plays a huge part in why we don't lose weight. I want to share a great article on this topic with you by Jillian MichaelsRead More 
  The Near Death Experience

Are you fascinated by
Near Death Experiences 
(NDE's)?  The classic NDE we hear about is where someone is clinically dead. In other words, their heart beat (EKG) has flat-lined and their brain waves (EEG) have stopped and at some point, minutes or in some rare cases hours later, they are back again. Their heart beat and brain waves become active and they typically come back with memories or knowledge of what has happened while they were dead. Often the information they come back with defies all logic. Many will report who was present in the room when they died, what relatives or doctors were saying with perfect accuracy. Many also come back with what seems to be a whole new perception of life or spiritual information. I've got an amazing true story to share with you.
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