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December 2014    
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           Hello, this is Deborah Lindemann, Clinical Hypnotherapist.
                        Welcome to our December 2014 Newsletter.

Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you. I wish you a most rewarding and successful 2015! Remember hypnosis is the fastest and easiest way to change what's not working in your life

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Hypnotized by the Holidays
How Your Brain Sabotages Your Success
Did You Know?
10 Ways Introverts Respond Differently
Did You Know?
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"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart."


~Helen Keller  



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 Hypnotized by the Holidays 

     by Michael Lindemann   


At this festive time of year, do you find yourself becoming hypnotized by the holidays? If so, you're hardly alone. By hypnotized, we simply mean "drawn into a state of heightened suggestibility,"and with this in mind we can see that "Holiday Hypnosis"takes several forms. Read More


    How Your Brain Sabotages                  Your Success! 
        by Deborah Lindemann CHT
 Your brain is the most complex and miraculous organ in your body and probably the most complex creation present on this planet.

Despite how amazing your brain is, when it comes to your success, it can stop you dead in your tracks. As a clinical hypnotherapist, I often see how my clients are sabotaging their goals. I would like to take you on an amazing journey into the workings of your miraculous brain. If you've ever felt frustrated or thwarted when it comes to success, then read on. Read More

              Did You Know?                  

  Origins of Father Christmas
             or Santa Claus

The figure of Father Christmas (Santa Claus) is based on the patron saint of children, Saint Nicholas (270-310AD), who became one of the youngest bishops ever at age 17. At age 30 he became the Bishop of Myra, a port town on the Mediterranean Sea, that is part of modern-day Turkey. He hailed from a rich home and became well known for supporting the needy. He would often be seen, clad in red and white bishop's robes and riding on a donkey, handing out gifts to children.

   Tired Woman                                           
10 Ways Introverts Respond

  Differently To Their World 


Do you think you're an introvert? If you answer "yes", you're in good company.  


Anywhere from one-third to half  

of the population has an introverted temperament. Many people incorrectly associate introversion with being insecure or with not being confident and that is just not true. The fact is, when it comes to confidence issues both introverts and extroverts can exhibit that behavior. Read More  


          Did You Know? falling-money.jpg

In the 1700's, you could sell a fresh deerskin of a buck for one dollar - hence, the term "buck."


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