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June 2013    
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Hello, this is Deborah Lindemann, Clinical Hypnotherapist.
                     Welcome to our June Newsletter.

Hypnosis is the fastest easiest way to change what's not working in your life. This newsletter is dedicated to helping you make the positive changes you desire and deserve. What would you like to change?  

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Congratulations to all the new graduates and Happy Father's Day to all you fabulous men!  Thank you to all of my clients and readers for entrusting me to make a difference in your life.

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Hypnosis Can Help You Lose Weight
Do You Believe in Reincarnation?
Positive Lasting Change Through Hypnosis
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Thought For
The Day


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"I am certain that I have been here as
I am now a thousand times before, and I hope to return a thousand times."

- Goethe


Quick Links


Free MP3's!!

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Enjoy our free MP3 hypnosis programs. Listen online or download to your computer or iPod. It's our gift to you! We believe everyone should have access to the benefits of hypnosis. Share this page with your friends and family.  


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Hypnosis Can Help You
Lose Weigh

Did you know hypnosis is a powerful tool to permanently lose weight? There's no question about it! You see it's all about your unconscious mind and the habits and beliefs about food that you hold.  


Even Dr. Oz, MD, is a big believer in the power of hypnosis. You'll want to hear what Dr. Oz is saying about hypnosis for weight loss.

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Past Life Collage                                
     Do You Believe in  
Do you believe you have lived before? Is it possible you've had many lives?

The topic of past lives, or reincarnation,
is certainly controversial, but probably one of the most fascinating questions or possibilities. It is important because it may redefine how we think about our lives and the process of life itself. In the country of India it is commonly accepted that we live multiple lives. There have been some fascinating cases come out of India, as throughout the world, that cannot be simply explained through normal understanding.
Read More, including what author, psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss, MD had to say about past lives. 

Positive Lasting Change Woman Listening to Hypnosis CD

    Through Hypnosis


What are mental health experts saying about the power and efficacy of Hypnosis? Studies Continue to Show Hypnosis Has Scientific Grounding. 



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