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March/April 2008    
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   Hello, this is Deborah Lindemann, Clinical Hypnotherapist
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               Spring is here and after what seems like a long winter to many of us, it is such a joy to see new life budding on the trees, and the lovely sounds of birds and spring. It's a wonderful reminder that life is constantly renewing and reinventing itself, just as you have the ability to do as well. To forward this newsletter to friends & family, please use the "Forward Email" link at the bottom. To learn more about how hypnosis can benefit you, visit our website  at: LPGMindworks.com
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Why Don't the French Get Fat?
How Do I Stop Negative Thoughts?
Body/Mind Corner: What Your Hands May Be Telling You
Client Spotlight
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"Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul, the blueprint of your ultimate achievement."

Helen Keller

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Holy Tea
Lose weight, get healthier, cleanse your body of toxins from the food you eat, the water you drink, and the
air you breath.

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Back AcheWhy Don't the French Get Fat?

The French dine on baguettes, cheese, pate and pastries, all washed down with plenty of wine -- so why don't they seem to get fat?

This so-called "French paradox redux" that allows French people to eat all the "forbidden" foods and stay thin while Americans get fatter has been demystified by a new Cornell study. Read More

Back AcheHow Do I Stop Negative Thoughts?

Do you know how powerful your thoughts are? Do you know that they have the capacity to heal your body, versus to become ill? They have the power to attract what you want in your life, versus what you "don't want".

Every one of us thinks a variety of thoughts throughout our day. Some are positive, some more neutral, and others are quite negative or self-destructive. Often the ways we think, or the thoughts we have today, are simply a reaction, or a pattern to how we've always reacted or thought about a particular situation or event in the past. Read More

Woman's HandsBody/Mind Corner: What Your Hands May Be Telling You

Have you noticed any pain, stiffness or discomfort in your hands? Do you know that your body is talking to you every minute? If you want to know what you feel and believe, learn to tune into your body because your body has a lot to say! Unresolved emotions and thoughts show up as health issues in your body. Below is an excerpt from a wonderful book: "Your Body Speaks Your Mind", by Deb Shapiro.  Read More

Thumbs Up Client Spotlight ...Testimonial
Congratulations Bobbie!!!

Bobbie came in to help with controlling her issues with food obsession. Here is her testimonial:

"Immediately the obsession with food is lifted.  I was coming down with the bad flu when I saw you.  Didn't know it then, but next day was down very sick!  I felt a little better yesterday and even better today.  But, before, even when I was sick, I could eat.  Since I saw you I realize that every once in awhile I have pain in my stomach....wow....found out it is the feeling of true hunger.  Have to give conscious thought to eating and relieving the pain.  I even put a piece of chicken back off my plate at dinner last night.  Have lost 5 pounds since Tuesday.  I don't think being sick has much to do with it because the 'old' thought of food comes into my mind and immediately my mind dismisses it with NO emotion.  In the past, I thought of eating when I passed a restaurant, fast food place, watched tv and saw food, pictures of food, and even felt angry when actors refuse the offer of food in a movie!  Now, the thought comes into my mind but so weirdly....non-emotionally...a 'whatever' feeling.  I believe even the thought reaction will leave. I look forward to our next appointment." Bobbie in Missouri
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