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Life with Focused, Life-Force Energy

Imagine Feeling Better Every Day!

Imagine More Focus, Greater Creativity, Better Sleep and Higher Consciousness!

That’s Life with Focused, Life-Force Energy!

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and teacher of consciousness principles, I’m keenly aware of how our daily energy impacts every area of our life, what we attract to ourselves, and how we react to our challenges. So I was delighted to discover that someone had created this incredible product, Focused, Life-Force Energy (FLFE), which helps with the following:

  • Raises your consciousness and vibration
  • Increases your focus and clarity
  • Generates higher levels of creativity
  • Harmonizes EMF’s from cell phones, etc.
  • Supports your health
  • Speeds up your manifestations
  • Perhaps even more important: better sleep!

Deborah Lindemann CHTWhat is FLFE? It’s actually an energy-product that is beamed directly to your home, business or phone. It delivers a high-vibrational, life-force energy to you that helps you feel better, happier, more productive and creative, and more joyful.

When my husband and I first tried a 15-day, free trial of FLFE, I immediately noticed more harmony and cooperation in our relationship, even with friends who visit. My plants seem to love it too; an orchid and a couple indoor plants that hadn’t bloomed in years are now suddenly blooming. Negative moods seem to dissipate more quickly. I would say that the FLFE program helps my family have a more positive and happier mood.

For myself, I noticed I was able to focus better on projects that require research, creativity, and concentration. I also enjoy how this higher Life Force energy field supports my personal spiritual evolution. I have found it has helped to accelerate my own intuition and higher states of consciousness.

Attention Healers, Counselors and Practitioners: In addition my business increased which is fun. Sessions with clients are deeper with even better results. It feels as though there is this peaceful, yet energetic spotlight on my business, the same lovely energy that often draws people to sacred healing sites because it just feels so good. This is perfect for holistic health practitioners who desire a more peaceful cohesive environment for their clients.

My most fun discovery though was that my manifestations were much faster. The FLFE energy program helps me feel more consciously in alignment with my goals. I attribute this to feeling so good that I had no resistance to my goals. I was just voicing what I wanted without any concerns about how to get it. Manifesting goals is much easier.

Let’s talk about mood and consciousness: I’m normally in a good mood and I’m typically happy, but what I love is this FLFE Field facilitates a minimum level of consciousness of 560 (on Hawkins Map) on your property. Hawkins shares that a conscious level of 500+ is unconditional non-duality love.

(Dr. David Hawkins was an internationally renowned psychiatrist, consciousness researcher, author and spiritual lecturer. Hawkins' Consciousness Scale ranges from 0-1000, (1000 is the Highest Level of pure/consciousness humanly possible.)

FLFE helps support your personal growth for higher consciousness. Over time your body is able to harmonize with frequencies of higher consciousness.

In addition, the longer you’re on FLFE, the better it gets. The primary feelings I noticed from FLFE are love, happiness, and peace. If your body has been in stress, anxiety, fear, anger or other negative energies, it will take time to raise your vibration to eliminate toxins and negative thinking, as well as to start sleeping better. How long it takes is dependent on you and your normal state. It takes time for your body to start increasing the number of receptors for love, harmony and happiness. As your body increases those receptors, you’ll start feeling the effects of FLFE even more. Most people can tell the difference pretty quickly. Read our wonderful testimonials by clicking on the banner below.

Better sleep. Why is good sleep a challenge to get now? There’s a long list of potential reasons including exposure to EMF’s from cell phones, etc.. The FLFE program now helps mitigate and harmonize harmful EMF’s. Instead of your body being bombarded with negative background energy and EMF’s all night long, it’s relaxed with the these higher frequencies and sleeps a lot better. Lack of good sleep stresses your body and mind. Want to improve the world? Get better sleep!

Click here for more information about EMF mitigation.

I started with the 15-day, free trial for home. You can start with coverage for home or on your cell phone (FLFE Everywhere) which is a portable way to take this healing energy anywhere you go. The reason I decided on the home program is because the home program has some programs to eliminate negative energies from your home, business and land, which the phone program doesn’t offer. The home version is perfect for holistic businesses and practices. You can try both programs free for 15 days, but not at the same time. When you choose the free trial, you’ll get access to a control panel, so you can turn the energy on and off if needed. You control your experience.

I also talked to the founders of the programs and was amazed by their work, their intentions and their desire to help all of us create higher levels of consciousness and prosperity. They continue to work on new programs that will be added to FLFE as they’re tested and proven. There’s also a Pay-It-Forward program, which allows you to send this healing frequency of unconditional love to any address, building or land as a permanent gift of higher consciousness free for life. It’s like placing a prayer on the land.

Learn more about FLFE program by clicking the banner below.

Experience better sleep, more energy, higher levels of consciousness and prosperity, better focus, and greater creativity. Get Focused, Life-Force Energy in your home, business or phone today!

Remember to drink a lot more water when you try this, as your body will want to eliminate toxins that are no longer in harmony with your new, higher frequency. It’s worth it!

Check out a 15-day, free trial. Click the banner below.

Note: This personal service is a gift to humanity. As part of the company referral program, I am paid a small commission for products purchased using the links on this page. Together we are helping shift consciousness, one home or business at a time. If you decide to stay on the program after your free trial the cost is only $30 per month, affordable for most everyone. Try it today for free! No strings, no contracts just good vibrations.

Questions? I would be happy to share my experience with you…

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