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Gift CertificatesGift Certificates…

Give your special someone a gift certificate for a hypnosis session or personalized CD. Hypnosis gift certificates are a unique, personal and thoughtful gift. Gift certificates are elegantly printed and personally designed making your gift something special.

Gift certificates may be used for in office sessions or by phone hypnosis and are available in the following increments:

60 minute / $125
90 minute / $185
120 minute / $249

Smoking Cessation Session $385

Personalized, custom-scripted CD: $179 (includes shipping and sales tax if applicable). Recipient will be asked to fill out a questionnaire to facilitate custom-scripting of the CD.

The recipient may choose how they want to use their gift certificate, whether it is to de-stress and relax, explore a past life, create a personalized self-improvement CD, or to enhance some area of their life. To find out more about our custom gift certificates or to purchase one, please Email or Contact Us.

(Note: Our Smoking Cessation Program is only available in office)

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