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At last count there are around five hundred and thirty named phobias, ranging from Agoraphobia (fear of open public places) to Zoophobia (fear of animals). A phobia may be present whenever a person feels intense, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that most other people find non-threatening. Phobias may be mild to completely immobilizing.

The root cause of your fear or phobia may be completely unconscious. In treating a phobia it is not necessary to consciously know the root cause or remember the actual event. It may lie rooted in your childhood or before birth. Phobias and fears can be based in an actual frightening experience or be learned behavior from a relative or friend. Additional common fears can also include issues such as fear of public speaking, fears of loss or abandonment, fear of failure, fear of being judged, fears that include limiting beliefs such as: “I’ll never have a loving relationship”, etc., etc. The good news is you can permanently release them.

One common fear today, especially after the 9/11 event, is fear of flying. Find out how one of my clients overcame this in “What’s Your Phobia?”

There is a difference between a natural fear that preserves your safety and an actual phobia. For example, almost everyone feels fear if standing at the top of a very tall building near the edge. If you get too close to a fire, you feel fear. If you’re walking down a dark street and see that someone strange continues to follow you, you feel fear. All of these are natural fears to protect you and are not phobias. In contrast, when a person has a phobia, they feel intense fear over something that poses little or no real danger. Usually, they know that this is irrational and want to change how they behave.

Hypnosis can help release fears and phobias in a number of effective ways. Time Line Therapy is a technique I use to release the root cause of the fear. Often a fear or phobia can be released permanently in as little as one session. Find out more about Time Line Therapy.

In addition, your phobia or fear can be completely desensitized through a variety of processes including the Time Line Phobia Cure that deletes the negative emotions from your first conscious memory of the fear or phobia. Once the emotions are deleted, you have the opportunity to create a healthy new picture of how you want to be or act in that situation. This new picture can then be programmed into your unconscious mind.

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