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Time Line Therapy Time Line Therapy Can Help You…   

  • Release Negative Emotions
  • Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs and Decisions
  • Say Goodbye To Fears, Phobias and Bad Habits
  • Live Life By Design, Not By Default

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You can quickly and permanently release troubling negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and fears and phobias from your life in as little as one session. Time Line Therapy is the most dynamic and effective hypnotic therapy tool I have ever found for making positive permanent changes in your life. It is faster than traditional hypnotherapy and many times faster than traditional psychotherapy techniques for self-improvement. Time Line Therapy is an outgrowth of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis.

How Time Line Therapy Can Benefit You…

Time Line Therapy is effective in releasing negative emotions like anger, sadness, depression, fear, anxiety, panic attacks & guilt. It can also help release any limiting beliefs about ourselves such as: “I can’t be successful”; “I can’t have a positive relationship”; “I’m not good enough/smart enough”, etc. It is also extremely successful in releasing fears, phobias, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), bad habits, root causes of illness, and even programming specific positive outcomes for your future.

Whatever you’re seeking to achieve or change in your life, if you’ve experienced difficulty doing it, chances are there is a conscious negative emotion or a limiting belief blocking your goal, and it can be released through Time Line Therapy.

What is truly amazing about Time Line Therapy is that, by releasing the negative emotions or limiting beliefs that are at the root cause, you also release those same negative emotions or limiting beliefs from every other associated event/experience that has taken place since the time of the root cause, all the way up to the present moment. In as little as one session, releasing the root cause produces a type of domino effect on every other associated event afterward.

In traditional hypnotherapy or psychotherapy, each event or memory may take an entire session or more to release. By releasing the negative emotions or limiting beliefs from a core event, you are able to re-evaluate the event and all the events that followed from a healthier perspective, freeing yourself from the emotional effects.

Consider this question for a moment: What accounts for your day-to-day sense of self? Who are you if not the collection of your memories? Each experience of life is coded and stored deep within your neurology as memories. All memories––past, present, and even future memories––are stored on what we call the Time Line. Using the techniques of Time Line Therapy, negative emotions, limiting decisions, or other conflicts are liberated from memories of past events, resulting in dramatic improvements in the personal growth and development of an individual.

In 1985, Tad James, Ph.D., made a breakthrough in therapeutic technology when he developed Time Line Therapy. Since then these techniques have emerged as a significant contribution in the dynamics of human change.

Here are some of the benefits of Time Line Therapy

  • The Time Line Therapy process is designed to work in a very light level of hypnosis. Going deeper doesn’t make it work better. Some people have concerns about whether they can go deeply enough to benefit from hypnosis. With this process, going deep isn’t required, which speeds up the process greatly.
  • Time Line Therapy is “content-free.” That means you don’t have to relive the cause, or know the content of the cause that created the negative emotion or the limiting belief. It’s just a matter of allowing your unconscious mind to locate the original root cause on your Time Line. Your unconscious mind already knows where the root cause is located. Not having to consciously know, analyze or relive the content of what actually happened speeds up the process and is particularly beneficial to those not wanting to re-experience events which might have been unpleasant or traumatic.
  • The results of Time Line Therapy are permanent. The negative emotions or limiting beliefs are released once and for all, not just buried. Begin your new life today!

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