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  • Work Schedule Too Busy?
  • Can’t Get Away From Work?
  • Are You Homebound, Recuperating or Handicapped?
  • Don’t Drive?
  • Do You Live Out Of Our Practice Area?

Enjoy the powerful benefits of hypnosis from the comfort of your home or office. This is particularly important during the Covid-19 pandemic. Hypnosis by phone or video conference is convenient and practical for business professionals, individuals who are housebound or have limited mobility, those who live out of the area, or anyone who needs to maximize their time. Avoid traffic and save gas. Hypnosis can be just as effective by phone or video conference as in office.. Personalized CD’s are also available. Most services are available by phone or video conference, with only a few exceptions.

Enjoy The Convenience and Benefits Of SKYPE video sessions or Phone Hypnosis!
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Lindemann Hypnosis, located in Forsyth, Missouri offers hypnosis by phone or video conference to clients throughout the United States for many types of sessions including:

It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

That’s It!

Sessions are available in either 60 minute or 90 minute appointments.

Rates:  $125 for 60 minute session
            $185 for 90 minute session

Maximize Your Results!
You may optionally order a digital copy (MP3) of your session to use for daily reinforcement
after your session. Additional fee may apply.

Your new life starts today! Call or email us for more information.

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