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  • Improve Your Memory
  • Stop Exam and Test Anxiety
  • Accelerate Self-Confidence
  • Improve Study Habits and Motivation
  • Accelerate Focus and Concentration

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Hypnosis can help to improve your memory and reduce the stress of taking exams. For many, taking tests can produce anxiety and stress. It’s a fact that stress and good memory recall don’t mix (see Stress and Your Brain). Out of habit, many people equate stress with achievement or optimum performance. While certain levels of stress can assist you in thinking faster, too much stress interferes with concentration, and excessive stress can even shrink the area of the brain called the hippocampus. What you’ve studied does you no good if you are so stressed that you cannot recall the needed information.

Whether you are currently a student, wanting to upgrade your professional skills, or thinking about going back to school, hypnosis is a powerful tool. You will learn to relax, focus and feel confident about yourself, whether it’s while studying, in the classroom or while taking exams. Study habits and motivation are optimized, and student stress and pressure are greatly relieved. Through positive suggestion, you are given relaxing psychological triggers that are reinforced to give you instant access to a state of calm self-confidence as well as the learned information.

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