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You can use hypnosis to accelerate healing and enhance your overall health and wellness. The power of positive hypnotic suggestion is now being practiced and employed in many top hospitals across the country.  See Hypnosis Goes Main Stream, and Growing Wholistic Alternatives In Medicine. The health-enhancing uses of hypnosis are numerous, including: accelerating recovery from illness and surgery, calming pre-surgery anxiety, easing childbirth, chronic pain and stress relief, weight control, smoking cessation and minimizing the physical problems associated with health issues. Hypnosis can also help to release emotional root causes behind health issues, as well as program in positive suggestions that support overall well-being.

For these and other reasons, many doctors today are highly receptive to hypnosis as a positive adjunct therapy in their patients’ health management program. Lindemann Hypnosis works directly with both doctors and patients, tailoring hypnosis to fit individual needs, from one-on-one sessions to personalized wellness/recovery hypnosis CD's.

All hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis, and a hypnotherapist only acts as a guide by giving positive healing suggestions to the open and receptive unconscious mind. See What Is Hypnosis.

The curative power of your mind stems from the fact that your unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between a real or imagined situation. If positive healing suggestions are made to the unconscious mind, it readily accepts these suggestions––unlike the conscious, often self-sabotaging mind––and begins to make beneficial changes. Hypnosis also incorporates the known healing benefits of visualization. Through hypnosis, people learn to relax and focus their mind away from the problem or the pain when it is appropriate, such as in pain management.

If you want a simple example of how the power of thought can create actual chemical changes in the body, close your eyes for a moment and begin to imagine squeezing the fresh tart juices of a lemon into your mouth. Imagine the juice trickling over your tongue toward your throat, filling your entire mouth. As you imagine this, you may begin to experience your mouth watering. Just the power of imagination, and the power of suggestion, is causing a chemical reaction––in this case, your mouth reacts as if real lemon juice were in your mouth. Imagine how you can use the power of thought through hypnosis to accelerate your health!

Personalized self-hypnosis audio CD's are available to accelerate your health goals. Many of our clients and their doctors have experienced the benefits of positive hypnotic programming as part of successful pre-surgery and post-surgery recovery.

For a closer look at how hypnosis actually works and the role of neurotransmitters in your body, read How Hypnosis Works: Neurotransmitters Offer Clues.

If you are a physician or healing professional, feel free to contact us at any time to discuss ways in which we can assist your patients through the use of hypnosis. We also invite you to share our site with your doctor. Your new life starts today! Call or email us and find out more.

“Wherever thought goes, a chemical goes with it.” “…distressed mental states get converted into the biochemical’s that create disease.” Deepak Chopra MD, Ageless Body Timeless Mind, page 17


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