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Here are just a few of the many enthusiastic testimonials that we receive. If you’re a client of ours and would like to share your testimonial, please feel free to do so. Email Us

Smoking Cessation

"I feel amazing; I'm shocked! I wish I had known 5 years ago how easy it is to quit smoking with hypnosis. I feel as though I've found my personal power again and that I'm back in control of my life. As a result of the hypnosis, I can directly feel my body no longer react to triggers the way it used to; now I reactively breathe deeply. Even when I feel stress, there's this resolve and voice within me that says: 'I don't care how stressful life gets, nothing is going to make me smoke a cigarette ever again!' Because of the unconscious reprogramming, you helped me realize that nothing is going to make me choose to smoke. I also see how this reconditioning will empower me in other areas of my life. Despite all the other hypnotherapist websites out there, I immediately knew you were right for me. It was well worth the drive from Longmont/Boulder to Forsyth! I feel your professionalism and expertise has helped me to start over again as a non-smoker.  Thank you, for this gift!" Elizabeth B. in Longmont, CO

"Good news! I haven't smoked at all! I left there having almost no desire to smoke whatsoever. You can imagine, how strange it felt, but at the same time, it felt completely natural. It's been almost a week, and I notice each day, that I think about it less and less. Thanks so much. You are very good at your profession! I will keep in touch and definitely do a testimonial! Hope you have a great week!" Kim in Forsyth, CO

"I’m a 52 year old man who started smoking at age 18. I smoked 4 – 5 packs of cigarettes a day. I tried everything to quit: patches, gum, you name it and nothing worked. When my friend suggested hypnosis to quit, I thought hypnosis was a bunch of B.S. I’m amazed! After my smoking cessation session I never wanted another cigarette. It’s as though I never smoked. And to my surprise, others who smoke don’t even bother me. Everyone’s amazed how easy it was for me, including me. As of the date of this testimonial I’ve been smoke free for one year. If anyone wants to call me, I’d be happy to share how effective hypnosis was for me." Rodney Bastin

“I am proud to say I am 26 days smoke free and planning to keep that figure growing. I have to say I have really had a very comfortable easy time of it, compared to some other people’s stories of quitting. Well, I wanted to check in and tell you all’s good for this non-smoker, and many thank you’s my dear friend.  You’re truly blessed with a gift and I am so lucky to have been part of this amazing program.”  M.P., Loveland, CO

“Susan and I still cannot believe that we don't have any desire for a cigarette. This is just incredible! We are completely smoke-free. In fact, we both feel like we never smoked.” 
Linda Ridding-Meyer and Susan Ellingson, Loveland, CO

“I know this has worked for me. There are so many benefits I experience every day, but the one I love most is cuddling up with my two girls and husband in bed each night smelling like my perfume rather than smoke. This is one of the very best investments I have ever made.”
Heidi Sorzano, Windsor, CO

“Thank you so much. I thought I was terminally addicted. I had one of your sessions and now I am a non-smoker, something I had not previously thought possible. I cannot think of a reason why I would ever want to smoke again.” 
Andrew Wheeler, Longmont, CO

“I feel like I was never a smoker. I didn't use food as a replacement. My cravings dissipated; no anger, no irritability. In fact, I laugh more now because I am not consumed with thoughts of smoking.” 
Allison  Milner, Forsyth

(Chewing Tobacco Cessation)
“It’s been 2 years now since I talked to you, but I have not had a chew
since the session.”
Thank You, Dave B.

“Under Ms. Lindemann's guidance, I quit smoking in just one session!  Thank you so much.  I have been smoke free since May 27.  I smoked for 35 years and I very rarely have a "craving" for a cigarette.  Thank you for saving my life!”
Helen Schledewitz-McGinnis

(Smoking Cessation & Chemo Patient)
“I am doing very well considering the type of treatments I have been through this summer. Chemotherpy and radiation twice a day.  I am still not smoking!!! You did wonders for me!!! I also play the positive attitude tape you made for me often.  I have told many people about the success I have had with my smoking and your great approach.  I will thank you every day for my success.”
Launa Crego, Forsyth, CO

Weight Loss

“I wanted to let you know that the last 2 hypnotherapy sessions with you have been most helpful. I am beginning to lose weight again, and this time it feels normal and natural to eat less. I also started taking the chromium picolinate, and that has helped tremendously as well. I have taken off about 10 pounds in the past month, but more importantly, I know I will continue to lose weight! I feel full faster, and cravings have greatly diminished, so this weight release process has become quite simple.Thank you so much for your help. I am deeply grateful.”
Best regards, E.L. in Loveland, CO

“Just thought I'd give you an update.  I love positive feedback and bet you do too.
Immediately the obsession with food is lifted.  I was coming down with the bad flu when I saw you.  Didn't know it then, but next day was down very sick!  I felt a little better yesterday and even better today.  But, before, even when I was sick, I could eat.  Since I saw you I realize that every once in awhile I have pain in my stomach....wow....found out it is the feeling of true hunger.  Have to give conscious thought to eating and relieving the pain.  I even put a piece of chicken back off my plate at dinner last night.  Have lost 5 pounds since Tuesday.  I don't think being sick has much to do with it because the 'old' thought of food comes into my mind and immediately my mind dismisses it with NO emotion.  In the past, I thought of eating when I passed a restaurant, fast food place, watched TV and saw food, pictures of food, and even felt angry when actors refuse the offer of food in a movie!  Now, the thought comes into my mind but so weirdly....non-emotionally...a 'whatever' feeling.  I believe even the thought reaction will leave.“
Hugs, Bobbie in Missouri

“I received your newsletter and thought I'd let you know how my weight loss is going. When I saw you for hypnotherapy I think I weighed in at 163 lbs. I've been trying to lose this weight for 5 full years now, but my weight stayed between 155-165 lbs. even though I tried Weight Watchers, People on the Go, exercising EVERY DAY, etc. - I'm serious! And honestly, I stuck with those programs for months at a time and I just never, ever took off more than a few pounds. I was sooooo disheartened I really didn't think I would ever succeed.

Well, after our visit I listened to your tape almost every night as I went to sleep for over 2 months; currently I continue to listen a couple of times a week. Today I weigh 147 lbs. I don't remember if this would put me on the exact schedule you calculated for me, but I am very, very happy with this progress and have only 12 more lbs. to lose to reach my goal. My weight loss started slowly but now it is coming off faster and faster....the hypnotherapy worked, I'm certain of it! Thank you so much, I'll let you know when I reach my goal! Thanks again.”
Ann in Loveland, CO

“I have lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks thanks to you.  I am able to turn down ice cream & other goodies that I have never been able to turn down before. The alpha trigger is a great tool for me. If I find myself getting stressed, or needing to relax I use the Alpha Trigger and it works very fast and lets me feel relaxed and in control.  Please let me know if I can be of any help to you in Marketing your service, you are great.” Ina in Loveland

“The scale said 127 this morning!!!  Almost there! I really feel like listening to the tape has made all the difference. Will power-wise I'm eating less and working out more, and I know my body is doing some of this on it's own because of the messages in the tape.  I had my first tennis match of the season lastThursday, and really did feel lighter and leaner on the court. (I won, incidentally: 6-3, 6-1).  Off to Cancun a week from Wednesday for my 40th b-day, and I've never felt better! Thanks Deborah.”
Kate in Forsyth, CO

“I've lost 70 lbs!!! I've tried every diet under the sun and nothing worked!
I heard about hypnosis and decided to try it. Deborah Lindemann helped me
open up all the answers that were always inside of me!!! For the first time in my life I felt I was eating correctly and exercising because I am worth it!!! I like being in control!!! I've never felt deprived so the weight came off automatically!!! I was heavy my whole life. I feel hypnosis saved my life!!!” 
Sue M. Forsyth, CO

“I hit 175 pounds this morning (started at 195). I can't attribute it all to hypnosis, but I haven't touched peanut butter or cheese since our session. I wouldn't have thought that possible.”
Chuck in Forsyth  [lost 20 pounds in 3 months]

“It's been 8-1/2 weeks and I've loss 13 pounds and people are beginning to notice the loss and commenting about the loss.  I'm almost 1/2 to my goal.  I've been recommending you to anyone who asks me how I'm losing weight. Thanks.”
Violet in Forsyth, CO

“I am eating healthier, and I am much more aware of what I'm putting in my mouth. I started keeping a food diary so I can see exactly what I'm doing each day. I am eating smaller portions for sure. I guess I have to say that my eating patterns ARE changing.”
Linda in Forsyth, CO

“Ben came home from his session happier than I have seen him in years. He seemed lighter and relieved. He said his session went very well. He hasn't been eating as much and is making healthier food choices. He's smiling a lot more and seems more comfortable in his skin, not as much frustration. Thank you.”
Jenny in Pine Bluffs, WY (mother of Ben, a 13 year old boy)

“I have listened to my tape for 8 consecutive mornings, developing those good habits.  Went for a long bike ride last Thurs. and took strenuous hikes Sunday and yesterday. I have lost 11 lbs. since our first visit 16 days ago. I was ready for changes in my life and you are an excellent catalyst for those changes.
Chip in Loveland, CO

TimeLine Therapy

I just had to take a moment and thank you for an amazing [TimeLine] session for confidence. I can't believe how amazing I feel. I soooo look forward to seeing you again! You made me extremely comfortable as well. I knew I could trust you. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. - Heidi in Greeley, CO

“I just wanted to let you know that I am completely amazed with the Time Line process.  You were correct when you said that I might notice subtle changes.  I have. Yesterday I went to Target and ended up waiting for ever for a sales person to help me.  On the way home I noticed that I did not get angry or irritated. 

Wow! will probably be my word of the month.  I can't wait to do another session with you. Thank you so much for everything and most of all for just being you!”
Dakota in Arvada, CO

“I was at your office for a consultation on ridding my anger. I must say that was the most amazing experience I had ever been through and some of the best money I have ever spent!” Athena Jean in Erie, CO

“I just wanted to give you some feedback on the timeline session I had with you the week of November 22nd. I have definitely noticed a difference in my overall feeling.  My mood has been much more relaxed and my demeanor is more pleasant.  The feeling of anger is definitely not so common these days, which is wonderful! I feel completely different when I interact with people and less intimidated than I used to feel.  There are numerous subtle ways that I feel different and I find myself feeling somewhat liberated. The experience was definitely positive and I am absolutely happy that I did it.  Thank you very much...”
E.E. in Forsyth, CO


"I wanted to let you know that I took my exam this morning and passed it.  What a relief!  Thank you so much for all your help; it made a huge difference in my ability to prepare and take the exam.  I listen to the CD everyday and I love the way it totally relaxes me and slows me down." Melany Arrington

“At 50 years old I decided to go back to school and complete a degree I had started on many times.  Ever since I was in elementary school I have had severe test anxiety.  I would go to take a test and completely forget things I had known just a few minutes before the test.  As soon as I left the test, I could remember the items clearly again.  I decided that if I was going to be successful at completing my degree, I needed to resolve this anxiety.  I found Deborah Lindemann.  We worked just one session on the test anxiety using hypnosis and the alpha trigger for relaxation during the test taking.  I have now taken two major tests and did quite well on both of them thanks to this method.” 
Becky of Forsyth, CO

Personalized CD’s

“Deborah Lindemann is a gifted and wonderfully caring individual. As part of my program with Deborah, she offered to make a personalized CD of some of the material we had worked on and which I could take home and use as often as I wanted. That meant that Deborah was giving up some income because I would probably not have to see her as often as I otherwise would. Deborah recorded one of our sessions in which she went over and enhanced some of the most positive aspects of the work we had done and added some other very positive points. For me, the session was a culmination of all we had done in our sessions together and it was, for the lack of a better word, awesome.  Deborah then put that on a CD which I was able to bring home with me and play as often as I wished. I am very pleased with the CD and with the opportunity to get its positive messages to my unconscious mind any time I wish.”
John Yoder

Nail Biting

“I had one session with you last year to stop my nail biting.  I am happy to report that I've had long, strong nails ever since and am delighted.  I no longer have to hide my hands in shame.  When I went to see you, I knew that I'd soon be taking on a very stressful job and did not want to exacerbate this bad habit.  I have been working in the Sudan since August but I haven't been tempted--not even once--to bite my nails. Thank you so much!!!” 
Debra from Khartoum

Depression/Post Partum Depression

“I wanted to thank you for your practice.  Yesterday, I truly felt happy.  I couldn't help but smile...I even tried not to.  I'm uncertain how many changes have been made in my life, but I'm sure I will find out soon.  I can't wait to see what I might attract with my positive mind.

I just wanted to share that with you.  I was happy, and I have been before, but this time I wasn't worried about when the sadness was going to come back.  What a good feeling! “ Thank you,
Kristen Kennington


(OCD)  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

“Just received your e-newsletter and it reminded me of something I wanted to share with you. Tavia (my daughter) was watching a TV show the other day and a character had the name Deborah. She said ‘I know someone with that name! I really like her. She helps me.’

She then went on to say she especially liked the library concept, where she could toss out the "bad" books and keep the "good" ones. I asked if she ever used any of the strategies you taught her, and she said she remembers them, but hasn't used them. ‘I haven't had to, Mom. I haven't needed any help for a long time. I'm not going back to that icky place.’

I love her resolve...she's having a fantastic school year so far. Very social, happy, enjoying the more challenging Talented and Gifted classes she's in. Tavia has really matured a lot over the course of the summer; she's absolutely radiant. Joined running club, bookworms (library helper), and choir. I'm very happy for her happiness and just wanted to share that with you.”
Take care, Rebecca Valentine

Fear of Dentistry

“You helped my daughter, Bonnie last year with her dental issues. That has been a great success! Again this past December she had to have some more work done that required 5 hours! She marched in on her own and everything was great! Thanks for your help.”
R.C. in Forsyth, CO

Chronic Pain

Degenerative Disc Pain

“Let me tell you, I couldn't be more thrilled.  I came home that night and had the most terrific migraine I've ever had in my life---HOWEVER---from that night on, the pain has gradually subsided and all but disappeared. Once in awhile, at night, it aches, but during the daytime (after gardening, 4-wheeling, walking, cleaning house, etc.)--it (degenerative disc) DOESN'T hurt!  I am so amazed and would like to try another session sometime this summer.  Thanks for the tremendous help you have been so far and I look forward to seeing you possibly before the end of the June.  Thanks again!!!! You are a miracle worker.”
Tonya in Evans, CO

Anxiety/Panic Attacks

"I was in to see you about a year ago to address an anxiety issue, as a result my anxiety has been next to non-existent.  I have told a lot of people about the experience not only because it worked, but because I'm amazed at the results.  Thank you so much!" Jonna Allison in Forsyth, CO 



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