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Lindemann Hypnosis, located in Forsyth, Missouri, specializes in Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, and Time Line Therapy (NLP) serving clients in Southwest Missouri and throughout the United States.

What Is Hypnosis?

A Few Simple Facts…..

  • Hypnosis is a relaxed, focused and natural state of mind
  • Hypnosis works directly with your unconscious mind, where all habits, limiting beliefs and emotions are stored.
  • When in hypnosis your unconscious mind is receptive to positive suggestion and change.
  • Hypnosis is safe, enjoyable and results are lasting.
  • Hypnosis is effective and beneficial for adults and children.
  • When in hypnosis you are normally aware of your surroundings, just simply relaxed.
  • Your unconscious mind only accepts positive suggestions in alignment with your morals, values and ethics.
  • You are always in control
  • All hypnosis is simply self-hypnosis

To help answer any more questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

A Deeper Look Into Hypnosis And What To Expect During A Hypnosis Session

Hypnosis is a relaxed, focused and natural state of mind, one that you already experience from time to time throughout your day. It’s simply a matter of quieting the conscious, active, critical mind, and allowing it drift off into a state of relaxation. The power of hypnosis is that, once your conscious mind is relaxed, your unconscious mind is completely open to positive suggestion.

Here are a few examples of what we call waking hypnosis, or times when you naturally go into these relaxed states on your own. Have you ever daydreamed about something so intently that you briefly became oblivious to your real surroundings? Have you ever arrived home after a long day and not remembered driving the familiar streets to get there? Have you ever driven down a highway on a rainy day with the windshield wipers rhythmically swiping back and forth and suddenly found that you’ve almost fallen asleep at the wheel? We’ve all had experiences like these.

In hypnosis, your conscious mind relaxes in this way; only during hypnosis, instead of just letting your unconscious mind drift or play, we use this valuable time to make and reinforce positive new behaviors or changes.

Here’s the amazing thing: your unconscious mind does not argue with, reject, or block positive suggestions like your conscious mind often does. But the unconscious mind is a wonderful gatekeeper, because it will only accept positive suggestions that are in alignment with your beliefs, your values and your ethics. Therefore, you can feel at ease about what suggestions your unconscious mind will accept. (See How Hypnosis Works)

What Happens During A Hypnosis Session?

The first step is simply filling out a confidential questionnaire. This will be mailed, emailed or faxed to you after you make your appointment. When returned, the questionnaire helps us understand your health and emotional history as well as your goals, issues and reasons for seeking hypnosis. Your first session, whether in office or by phone, includes an informal chat to further clarify your goals and the best method for achieving them. After this discussion, we usually include a hypnosis process during your first session (on rare occasions, we postpone hypnosis until your second appointment). Some issues may be handled in as little as one session; others may take a few sessions. This will all be discussed beforehand so that we are in complete agreement. The hypnosis process is a partnership.

Do you know that you cannot be hypnotized if you don’t want to be? You are always in control! All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and a hypnotist only acts as a guide. It is you who decides how deeply you want, and are willing, to relax. If for some reason you are not comfortable and you want to come out of hypnosis, you can, simply by deciding to do so.

In order to go into hypnosis, you will simply follow the sound of my voice as I suggest deeply relaxing feelings and images. From the outside you might appear to fall asleep, but hypnosis does not put you to sleep. It creates a calm, relaxed state of awareness. Depending on how deeply you allow yourself to relax, you may have moments when you are completely aware of the room, the sound of my voice and other little natural sounds around you. And there may be other moments when your mind just seems to float and you may have little or no awareness of your physical body, except a wonderful sensation of peace and calm. Either way, your unconscious mind will always hear the sound of my voice and all the positive suggestions including, when ready, the suggestion to come out of hypnosis.

At the end of your hypnosis session there will be time to ask questions and discuss any experiences or insights you had during your time in hypnosis.

To help answer any other questions you have about hypnosis, feel free to contact us or visit our FAQ.

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