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Stop Smoking The Lindemann Hypnosis, located in Forsyth, Missouri specializes in smoking cessation. Hypnosis is a highly effective way to become tobacco-free, whether you smoke cigarettes, use chewing tobacco, smoke pipes or cigars, or even have the habit of using nicotine gum. In fact, hypnosis has the highest percentage of success for quitting of any known method. If you truly want to quit, we can help you become permanently tobacco-free. Using our advanced hypnotic process that incorporates Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), the majority of our clients become tobacco-free in just one session. Although the balance of this page refers to smoking and cigarettes, it is applicable to all forms of tobacco use.

Breaking the habit of smoking is complex, involving emotional connections, the habit itself, personal identity as a smoker and the stimulation of the nicotine. Quitting smoking with nicotine replacement therapy (patches, gum, and inhalers) is only around 10% effective because it does not address the habit or the emotional root cause of why you started smoking.
Some people are able to quit cigarettes "cold turkey" using sheer will-power. These are people who wake up one day, realize that they are totally disgusted with their smoking habit and make the decision to quit once and for all--and they never smoke again. It is the absolute decision to quit that creates success. This is true whether you quit on your own or use hypnosis. You must truly want to quit, and firmly decide to quit! Hypnosis cannot make you do anything you do not want to do.

Hypnosis helps you automatically create a new identity as a non-smoker, disconnecting you from all the habitual cues and situations in which you used to smoke. Typical cues are: first thing in the morning, in the car, on the phone, after meals, etc. Hypnosis helps eliminate or greatly reduce any chemical withdrawal sensation. Your internal chemistry and your moods remain more balanced and calm, so that you can easily and effortlessly become a non-smoker. And here’s some more good news: with hypnosis you will probably not gain weight, unlike with the cold turkey approach, because you will not be substituting any new unhealthy habits for your old bad habit of smoking. With hypnosis you are not relying on will power alone. Instead, your unconscious mind will actively support you in being a non-smoker.

Once you’ve quit tobacco using hypnosis, you will not need to worry about being around others who smoke, or about being an obnoxious non-smoker to all your old smoking friends. Positive suggestions are incorporated to reinforce your decision to remain smoke-free around others who still smoke.

Stop tobacco from controlling your life! If you've made the decision to quit, and you truly want to quit, we know you can succeed. We have such confidence in our system that if you don't quit in your first session, or you start to smoke again, we'll see you again for free.

"Our service is tax deductible. You can write it off on your Federal income taxes as a “medical expense”. In fact, the IRS is specific that over the counter nicotine therapy products are not deductible, but our services are. See IRS.gov

To Learn More About Our Smoking Cessation Program, click on the Free CD link above, contact us by email or call us 970-412-6973.

Track one discusses what hypnosis is, why our approach works so well, and why quitting smoking on your own has been difficult. Track two is an actual 25-minute hypnotic stress reduction session designed to give you an experience of what it is like to be in hypnosis--plus you will learn a powerful technique for letting go of stress in your life. If you are ready to quit smoking, this CD will prepare you to get the most from our powerful stop-smoking program.

Take Back Your Life And Your Health - Make The Decision Today!
Call Today: 970-412-6973 or contact us by email.

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