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Free MP3 Hypnosis Programs
By Deborah Lindemann, CHT

Free Downloadable MP3 Programs

Experience hypnosis for FREE with these downloadable MP3 hypnosis programs by Deborah Lindemann, CHT. We at Lindemann Hypnosis believe that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from the powerful experience of hypnosis. Feel free to enjoy these MP3s for stress management, general relaxation, emotional healing and more. Listening will also help you to prepare for any future in-office hypnosis sessions. Regular use will reinforce the positive changes you desire. Relax, unwind and let the power of hypnosis free your mind.

Listen to the following programs online, or download to your computer, iPod or other MP3 device. We encourage you to share these programs with friends and family free of charge, but please do not resell. All of our recorded programs are copyrighted.

Please check back, as we will add more free MP3s from time to time. Our free MP3s are high-quality programs recorded at the Lindemann Hypnosis office in Forsyth, Missouri.

Lighten Up!

Free Download or Listen Online

Lighten Up! is the perfect MP3 program for clearing old baggage from your life. Many times our sense of identity gets falsely wrapped up with what is going on at the moment – petty interpersonal issues, problems at work, annoying memories from the past. Though you might sometimes forget, you are so much more than that!  Dragging around all these concerns and false identities can get pretty heavy. By listening to this MP3 program, you can let go of all that extra baggage, lighten up and experience the essence of who you truly are. Use this process any time you need to clear the mental clutter and rediscover your own magnificence!
Duration:  26:34


The Garden of Your Life

Free Download or Listen Online

Your life is like a magnificent garden. What you plant manifests itself. The Garden of Your Life is a meditative hypnotic session that powerfully helps you to weed out and release old patterns, feelings or issues that no longer serve you. In their place you can plant the new life that you truly desire and deserve. The more frequently you use this audio program, the more you will reinforce the positive changes you desire.
Duration:  37:28


The Healing Power of Color Breathing

Free Download or Listen Online

The Healing Power of Color Breathing is a simple, effective and relaxing MP3 program for releasing, healing, and balancing many everyday issues, from stress and negative emotions to headaches, poor sleep and much more. This powerful tool is easy to learn and can be practiced any time, anywhere without going into a formal hypnotic state. With regular practice, you will soon be able to release many unwanted issues quickly and easily.
Duration: 33:14

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