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September 2010 - The Grateful Diet

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(I’ve got a new amazing diet for you and the benefits are huge! It’s not the grapefruit diet, but the Grateful Diet, also known as the Worry-Free Diet. I hope you enjoy this fun article. Here’s how it works.

Do you ever find yourself getting caught up in negativity and worry? If you answered “Yes”, you’re not alone. However, one problem with worry and negativity is it’s not productive. A negative mindset does not change the circumstances going on around you. In fact, if you spend most of your time worrying and looking at life through negative eyes, not only does the stress of negativity affect your immune system, but also there’s a saying that says: “You get what you focus on.” In other words, if you’re always expecting the worst and focusing on the worst, you’re going to attract more situations, people and issues which reflect reasons to be worried. Some refer to this as “The Law of Attraction”.

The Grateful Diet will help put destiny in your own hands. When you let go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs you set yourself free. That is a large part of my work with my clients. I would like to share a piece of a fun and lively talk that was given recently by Michael Bernard Beckwith on the Public Broadcasting Network. He is the founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, cofounder of the Association for Global New Thought, and the Season for Nonviolence. He was also one of the featured teachers in The Secret movie and the bestselling book by the same name that followed "The Secret" movie. Beckwith teaches meditation, scientific prayer, and speaks at conferences and seminars. Try “The Grateful Diet” for 21 days and watch the miracles take place in your life. The following is a direct transcript from a Michael Beckwith’s talk. Here’s how Beckwith says it works.

If you want your life to change for the good “you might have to change your diet. You may have to come into the worry-free diet. And the worry-free diet is extremely important. In other words, for those who have been holding their place in negativity and holding their place in worry, you can sit there and worry as long as you want and… ‘I’m really worried about this and I’m really concerned about this.’ And you’ll notice the next day nothing changes. And the next day nothing changes. And I’m going to worry some more. And you begin to discover that worrying has no transformational value. Worrying is emotionally rehearsing the very things you don’t want to happen. You’re actually rehearsing it in your mind. And what you’re saying is: ‘I hope this doesn’t happen’. ‘I hope this doesn’t take place’. ‘I hope I don’t do that’. ‘Oh my God, please don’t let this happen’. And you’re beginning to feel the pains of worry, even if what you’re worrying about doesn’t happen, your body doesn’t know the difference. It starts to spin out toxic chemicals; it starts to block your creativity; it starts to prematurely age you, all because you’re standing in the vibration and the field of worry. So we want you to go on the worry-free diet. And the diet goes like this. First of all you must have your Not-so-ball soup every day. I didn’t say Matzah ball, I said ‘Not-so-ball’. What do I mean by that? Whenever you hear negativity, you say: ‘Not so!’ Somebody is saying: ‘You know there just isn’t enough jobs out there.’ and you say, ‘Not-so!’ Somebody is saying: ‘There just isn’t enough good men out there’. You say: ‘Not-so!’ Somebody is saying: ‘There just isn’t enough good women out there.’ You say: ‘Not-so!’ ‘There’s just not enough opportunities for the good that wants to express in my life’. ‘Not-so!’ Every single day you start your day with a little “Not-so-ball soup!” And then you want to add a little Cheerios.

It goes like this…someone is coming up to you… and you really have to watch human beings. Have you ever watched human beings? They’re interesting! And they will come up to you from time to time and they’ll start gossiping about things. And they’ll start telling you the worst case scenario about stuff. Have you ever known human beings like that? ‘It’s hard outside’. ‘Life is hard until you die’. [and you should say] ‘Oh?’ [Then they say:] ‘There’s nothing good that ever happens in this life.’ [and you should say] ‘Oh?’ [and they say:] ‘There’s not enough good opportunities anywhere’. [And you say:] ‘Oh?, oh?, oh?,… gotta go!’

You’re not being rude, you’re zeroing out the negativity that is coming at you. And then you got to dive deep into your grateful fruit. I’m talking about “grateful” - fruit. And that is that every single day of your life you develop the mindset and the heart-set of waking up and going on a hunt to look for what you can be grateful for. You go on a hunt to look what you can be thankful for and how you can live in appreciation. You begin to live this gratitude to such a level that you begin to discover that there is more and more and more things to be grateful for until your mind becomes an avenue of awareness of gratitude. It becomes your new heart-set. It becomes your new point of reference, and because of that gratitude and thanksgiving, more and more and more can begin to flow into your life.  

There’s a couple of stages of gratitude. There’s the one stage of in which you become grateful for everything you have. And then stage two, you become grateful for the negativity in your life. Ooh, that’s a hard one! Bad things happen and you say: ‘Thank you, I’m so glad this is taking place.’ Why? Because you live in a progressive universe. In other words, every time the Earth rolls around on its axis, and rolls around the sun and the sun rolls around on its axis, and goes through its solar system, and the solar system goes through the galaxy and the galaxy goes through the cosmos, and each of those heavenly bodies circles around, there is progress in the universe! The vibration is elevated, and if you are the very same person 365 days later from this day, you haven’t stayed the same, you’ve actually gone backwards because everything else has progressed. So, when something negative happens and you begin to be grateful for it, you begin to mind the gifts and the blessings from it, because it is coming into your life to help you grow develop and unfold. To [help you] develop strength and capacity and elevate the potential within you that otherwise could not happen. How many times have you looked back on your life at something you were going through, and you just wanted it to be over, you didn’t want it to be happening, you went into wishful thinking: ‘I wish this wasn’t happening’. ‘I wish I wasn’t where I was.’ ‘I wish I wasn’t who I was’. And ultimately when you look back you realize you are who you are today because of that particular experience. That this gift and that talent emerged because of this seeming negativity. Now, if you become grateful and thankful in the midst of seeming negativity you join forces with the progressive universe. You learn your lessons faster. You harvest your blessings at an ever increasing level and you spin into a greater awareness as to the infinite possibilities within you. There’s gratitude for the all the good that you have. There’s gratitude for the seeming bad that is taking place. And then you break into another level of gratitude and that is gratitude for simply being alive. Unattached to anything!

Now this gratitude is very important, because this is the gratitude that aligns you with all of nature. Right now all of nature is giving thanks and is grateful for existing period. In other words it’s not saying: ‘I’m so glad I exist… and I got to have a car!’ ‘I’m so glad I exist, but I’ll be more happy when I…and you fill in the blanks.’ All of nature is in pure gratitude for simply existing and being able to participate in the realm of the divine, the unfolding good that is everywhere. When you begin to eat of the fruit of gratitude you will go through the stage of learning to be grateful for everything that you have. Then you will go through the stage of being grateful for even the seeming bad in your life. And then you’ll break into the awareness of just being grateful period!

And as you stand in that awareness of being grateful period, there becomes an opening within you that allows for the wisdom, the guidance and direction that can come through you now because the static of worry, doubt and fear has been diminished. And now you can hear the guidance of your soul, the intuition, the wisdom that is there beckoning you to become more, and never less than your true self. Static is wiped off the line through the eating of the fruit of gratitude.

So you got your not-so-ball soup. What was the next one? [He asks audience:] ‘Cheerios’. You got your Cheerios. What was the next one? Grateful fruit. You’ve got your Grateful fruit. And then you drill into your No T.V. dinner. This is very important, unless you’re watching Public Broadcast Television, [audience laughs] you’re going to have to take some heavy digestive enzymes in order to watch regular television. So you’re going to have to take your no T.V. dinner and instead begin to tele-‘vision’ on a regular basis. This is what you’re going to have to do. You’re going to have to begin to associate with like-minded individuals instead of bemoaning your fate and inviting people over to a pitty party, you’re going to invite people over to a vision party. And what you’re going to do is sit down and begin to ask questions such as: ‘What is trying to emerge in my life? ‘What good is present that I presently can’t see?’ ‘What gift is trying to happen in my life right now?’  ‘What power is trying to emerge right now?’ ‘What have I been sitting on that wants to come forward?’ You begin to tell a vision to the individuals around you. And you begin to share these visions, rather than negativity.  And you will create a vibration of a proper condition that will allow the vision that is within all of us to emerge in such a way that people will not recognize you year to year, because you have broken from the paradigm of the world in which you are living, which is trying to turn you into a consumer rather than a creator. You will break free from that with your No-T.V. dinner, by telling a vision on a regular basis. And then you finish your dinner with a littlereceptiv-i-Tea. You sip on some receiptiv-it-Tea. It’s so sweet. It’s so wonderful. It brings to your awareness the idea that everything you could want and hope for and desire is already here. It is pulsating everywhere. And you are here to be receptive to it, to open yourself up to it, to make yourself available to it, to say ‘yes’ to it. So that you’re living your life in a sacred ‘yes’ to life. Yes to beauty. Yes to joy. Yes to love. Yes to abundance. Yes to prosperity. Yes to compassion. Yes to service. And you begin to be receptive because this life, this beauty, this joy that is everywhere, that by means of you wants to express itself, [and] has a little difficulty if in fact there is no receptiv-i-Tea. So you have to be receptive. ‘I’m available’. ‘I am not here to get. I am here to let something happen.’ The no-worry diet becomes your way of living!”

Commentary by Deborah Lindemann CHT: If this is the kind of mental diet for you, or you’d like to experience life on the worry-free diet, consider a hypnosis session or two to help release the habit of worry, so you can feel more positive and optimistic about your life.

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