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July 2007 - Can Water Reflect How Thoughts Heal?

Is it possible to finally see the incredible effect that our thoughts have on our body or even on others? We know that our mind has the power to heal, change or destroy us, depending on how we use it and what our predominant thoughts are. How many times have you experienced getting sick just before an event you didn’t want to attend? Have you ever been around someone who just seemed to have bad vibes or seemed to energetically drain you? On the other hand, many of us have experienced the improved health and sense of well-being when we fall in love or receive good news. And most of us are familiar with the “placebo effect” and how a simple sugar pill can be more effective than many drugs. So what exactly is going on internally and how do those emotions affect us? 

In my many years of working with clients, I’ve seen how the power of thought through hypnosis can dramatically cause positive shifts in healing. In one case, one of my clients was able to dramatically reduce the relentless pain of disintegrating back discs, allowing her to return to a highly active life.

Research shows that thoughts and emotions affect the physical body by changing neurotransmitters (brain chemicals), hormone levels, and other biochemistry affecting our immune system. Wouldn't it be remarkable to see visual evidence of these effects?

Masaru Emoto is a visionary researcher in Japan. He demonstrates how our thoughts and emotions dramatically changes the molecular structure of water. Our bodies vary in the percentage of water content. Babies have the most, being born at about 78% water. In adult men, it is about 60% and in women it is about 55%. Since our bodies hold a large amount of water, the research of Masaru Emoto may demonstrate what happens internally based on our thoughts or feelings.

To show the effect of thought on water, he freezes droplets of water and then examines them under a dark field microscope and photographs the results.

The 2 photos below, are taken from his book, "The Message from Water," and visually tell an amazing story. If you ever had a doubt that your thoughts affect everything within you and around you, these photographs will profoundly change your beliefs.  I have only included two samples from dozens. The photo on the left was the result of thoughts of “love and appreciation”, while the water photo on the right was a result of the thoughts: “You make me sick; I will kill you.”

Perhaps you will think differently about the power of your thoughts. And think about how a tool as effective as hypnosis could accelerate the healing power of your mind.


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