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April 2007 - Client Spotlight: Quitting Smoking For Good!

Imagine a man who smokes 4 to 5 packs of cigarettes a day, having one hypnosis session and quitting for good! It really happens and in a moment I’ll introduce you to one of our clients who had this experience.

Many people regard quitting smoking as one of their most important health goals, one that has a powerful impact on quality and length of life. Yet for many people, quitting permanently can be difficult. If you’re a smoker, a chewer, or user of tobacco in any form, and wish to quit, the tools and techniques and success rates are truly disappointing unless you’ve tried the power of hypnosis!

The most common method for quitting is nicotine replacement therapy, such as the Patch, Nicorette gum, Inhalers, etc. The sad news is, even though these are the most widely publicized methods, the success rate is only about 10%, and more than half who succeed are back smoking again within six months. So if you’ve tried this method and failed, you’re among good company. The problem is nicotine replacement therapy does not address the habit, or the emotional reason why you began smoking. But hypnosis does. Over 90% percent of our clients quit for good in one session. And if they need a 2nd session for total success, we offer it for free.

I remember the day Rodney Bastin walked into our office. Rodney is a traveling salesman from Wisconsin who spends most of his working days on the road, often coming to Missouri. He walked in a life-long smoker and walked out smoke free for life. I’ve chosen Rodney Bastin for this month’s client spotlight. Way to go Rodney! Here is his testimonial.

“I’m a 52 year old man who started smoking at age 18. I smoked 4 – 5 packs of cigarettes a day. I tried everything to quit: patches, gum, you name it and nothing worked. When my friend suggested hypnosis to quit, I thought hypnosis was a bunch of B.S. I’m amazed! After my smoking cessation session I never wanted another cigarette. It’s as though I never smoked. And to my surprise, others who smoke don’t even bother me. Everyone’s amazed how easy it was for me, including me. As of the date of this testimonial I’ve been smoke free for one year. If anyone wants to call me, I’d be happy to share how effective hypnosis was for me. - Rodney Bastin – Menasha, Wisconsin.

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