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April 2009 -The Gift of Your Higher Self

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Have you ever had a sudden in-sight or an answer to a problem or situation and yet you can’t explain how you could possibly know this, or where it came from? It can happen in a split second, just when you least expect it. These answers often come during times of relaxation, perhaps while out in nature, or relaxing listening to music, or even in a dream. You have an amazing inner wisdom and guidance inside you. Due to many factors we often don’t call on it, use it or even realize it’s there. Included at the end of this article is a free exercise to help you contact your Higher Self.

If you have some part of your life or behavior you want to change or heal, your Higher Self is the most important partner you can have in change work. You can learn to access your Higher Self through various practices on your own, such as simple meditation. There are also many hypnosis techniques I offer to help you connect more deeply with your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self can act as a wise guide helping you safely navigate through your life, and if you’re doing deeper change work through hypnosis, it can safely guide you to any memory or memories within your unconscious mind that may need healing.

Your unconscious mind is this protective part of your mind that literally records everything that’s ever happened to you, and although you may no longer consciously recall the memory or incident, it’s still there, ready to be accessed.

What do you want to heal or change in your life? Think about it for a moment. Maybe you want to lose weight, to find an answer to an issue, or accomplish a particular goal, or simply listen to the wisdom and guidance of your Higher Self. Either way, it can assist you in achieving that goal.

You can learn to access your Higher Self by simply quieting your conscious mind, that part of your mind that incessantly talks to you, that is filled with constant thoughts, fears, concerns, self-judgment and chatter. We tend to trust our conscious analytical minds and logic over inner guidance, believing we just need to “think” our way out of a problem or an issue. And while your logic and critical thinking has its place, often it’s so noisy inside that your Higher Self can’t be heard.

How does your Higher Self help you?

  • Your Higher Self is dispassionate, compassionate, and wise, seeing you without judgment.
  • Your Higher Self, being detached from your personality, can give you perspective on what’s happening – if you allow yourself to hear it.
  • Your Higher Self serves as the loving mediator between divine wisdom and you.
  • Your Higher Self, knowing everything that has happened to you, can guide you into those deep, unconscious memories and places within yourself.
  • Your Higher Self always has your best interests at heart. No other person or anything outside of you has that.
  • Your Higher Self can help you recognize, release and heal the past.
  • In every instance where the Higher Self participates in the healing process, it gives support, stability, and strength to your change work.


Case Study: Linda was a client of mine who was a compulsive overeater. In one of our sessions we asked her Higher Self, or unconscious mind, to take her to the root cause of her overeating. Suddenly a memory flashed into her mind of her mother screaming at her for not finishing her meal, and that she had worked herself to the bone to provide food for her children, who were ungrateful and uncaring. Linda began to eat compulsively from then on. Linda had figured out that her mother would love her only if she cleaned her plate.

This memory or trigger may sound trivial, but the implications of not eating for Linda meant withheld love.

With her Higher Self’s help, Linda began to release the guilt and heal the memory surrounding not finishing her food. As a result her compulsive overeating disappeared. Later she discovered that her mother, who grew up poor and hungry in the Depression, equated lack of food with lack of love, and vowed always to provide enough food for her children. Isn’t it amazing how motives may get misinterpreted down through the generations?

What ever you want to heal or release, your Higher Self is your trusted, loving and wise guide.

Exercise To Help You Meet Your Higher Self

Here’s a short exercise to help you connect or meet your Higher Self. If you like, you can do this while listening to some favorite soothing music. It’s important to relax and just trust what ever comes up and don’t analyze. Find a comfortable, quiet place, where no one will disturb you. When you’re ready just close your eyes and take in some nice deep relaxing breaths and let each breath that you take, take you even deeper and more relaxed. Just quiet your mind, slow down your thoughts, and when those outside thoughts come in, just let them go and focus on your own relaxing breath. That’s it. Just in and out, in and out.

  1. Imagine a special place, a place where you feel relaxed and safe. It may be somewhere you’ve been, a place you’d like to go, or a totally imaginary place. It might be the beach, or the mountains or a lovely magical forest. Just imagine yourself there now in your perfect spot. And since time and space are mutable in your imagination, you can create anything you want.
  1. Ask your Higher Self to meet you there. Notice how your Higher Self looks. Higher Selves come in many shapes, forms, sizes and dimensions. Some may look like gods or goddesses, or perhaps a wise old person. Others appear simply as energy shapes, while some can only be detected as invisible, but a tangible presence. There is no right or wrong form for your Higher Self, just whatever you perceive. And each time you practice this exercise, your Higher Self may take on a different form or appearance. If you don’t see or sense your Higher Self this time, you might another time, as you become more trusting and open.
  1. Ask your Higher Self what it would like to say to you, and if it has a gift to give you. Your Higher Self rarely has the opportunity to speak to you directly, unimpeded by your mind. Whatever it says or gives you, no matter how odd-sounding or appearing, thank your Higher Self. If you received a gift, ask your Higher Self how to use it. Take as much time as you need here. You may be surprised, once you’ve come back to outer reality, how insightful its message or gift. Sometimes a gift can be symbolic. For instance one woman I worked with was given a box, and inside that box was a heart and a key. For her it meant that the key for her happiness was to learn to open her heart to life. What ever you experience or get, is perfect, and again with practice you will get better and better at connecting with your Higher Self. And now thank your Higher Self, and know that you can come back and visit your Higher Self at any time.
  1. When you’re finished, gently open your eyes and come back to the here and now.

Now that you have met your Higher Self, you know that you’re not alone and you can ask your Higher Self to guide you in any area of your life. With time and practice you can develop a deep connection, a true conduit between you and your Higher Self, which can help block out the interference from your mind so you can receive insights that will help you reach more inner peace and balance.

If you’d like to explore even deeper levels of your Higher Self, consider a personalized hypnotic session. You’ll be amazed what your Higher Self can help you heal and release!

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