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April 2011 - How To Instantly Change Negative Feelings

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Have you ever had a bad feeling or emotion that bothers you? It may be a negative reaction to someone or something. Perhaps feeling that emotion or responding in a certain way has become a regular habit for you.

Emotions or reactions to life’s situations can actually become anchored in your neurology and in your brain. In other words, every time a certain situation takes place you have an automatic way of responding to it. It’s where you automatically go mentally and emotionally when a certain thing happens. For example: every time your boss looks your way, you feel stressed or uneasy. Or, your mother-in-law criticizes the way you are raising your children. This is where you go to with your emotions, how you respond to it, or how you automatically deal with it.

Your emotional reaction and habit is completely unconscious. You may or may not have good cause to react negatively or defensively in that situation, but this tool is a quick way of anchoring into your body a new way of responding to the situation.

This is not a matter of just accepting negative behavior from others, but a simple way to stopping unwanted emotions, behavior or reactions to others. This is a simple process that can quickly and permanently release almost any negative feeling or reaction you may be having. You can do this for yourself in the privacy of your own home or anywhere else.


1. Select a certain feeling you want to get rid of or release. Ex: anger, fear, sadness, anxiety, even beliefs such as: “I’m not good enough”. As you feel it squeeze your finger and thumb on your left hand to anchor this state.

2. On an intensity scale of 0 to 10, where is this feeling?

3. Break state. Breaking state simply means think about what you would like to feel instead, or simply shifting your focus. What would make you remain in a more resourceful state, Relaxation, Humor? etc. (May I suggest you choose humor because humor is an incredible gift from the gods)

4. Now choose one of the resourceful states you have come up with and remember a time you felt that resource strongly. Ex: The time you and your friend laughed passionately  about something. Or, a time when you felt really loved, or cared for. What does this resourceful state feel like? Allow yourself to really get into the feeling of this positive time or memory. This is a very important part. What were you feeling? What were you seeing? What were you hearing? Let yourself go deeply into that positive feeling/time as if you are reliving it all over again. Take your time to develop that really good feeling.

5. Remembering that resourceful state mentioned above, anchor it to your right hand by squeezing your right finger and thumb together.

6. On an intensity scale of 0 to 10, where is this feeling? Important: Make sure that this resourceful feeling is more intense than the fearful feeling.

7. Break state: Now squeeze your left hand finger and thumb anchor, hold it, at the same time as you squeeze the right hand finger and thumb anchor. Keep both anchors on for a few seconds, say 7 seconds. (Note: Many people get a sense when the anchors have "collapsed" (disappeared) or integrated, often by a noticeable shift in breathing.)

8. Release the left hand anchor and just hold the right hand anchor for a couple of seconds.

9. Break state: Now think of the original feeling you selected in step 1. Chances are you will no longer feel it, or be bothered by it.

Regular practice of this process will keep the positive feeling anchored in place.

If you are troubled by negative emotions or limiting beliefs, come in to see me for a hypnosis session. TimeLine Therapy is quick, effective and permanent way to release the root cause of all negative emotions and limiting beliefs in as little as one session. The good news is your unconscious mind knows the root cause and can let it permanently go. What emotion/s would you like to release out of your life? Imagine what is possible?

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