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August 2007 - The Rubber Band Method: Changing Limiting Behaviors

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Do you have behaviors, emotions or beliefs you would like to change? One simple method that is backed by a mountain of research is the use of a simple rubber band.

You wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it against your skin when ever you feel or think a negative emotion, limiting belief or have the urge for some unhealthy behavior such as over eating or smoking. Be sure that the rubber band is loose enough so it doesn’t block blood flow or leave a mark on the skin when it is removed.

This is simple Aversion Therapy. You create a negative stimuli every time you think a belief or thought that does not support you. You then create a positive thought or the opposite thought and do a positive stimuli.

Put a rubber band around your wrist and every time you have a negative thought, pull the rubber band as far as it goes and snap it hard. It will hurt and should hurt. That is the point.

Then think a positive thought or the opposite thought and kiss and pet and be nice to your wrist. You might feel odd doing this at first, but it works and you can do this in your own private space.

Do this for 30 days and watch your thoughts change. It takes 21 -30 days to create a new habit.

Feel free to Google the topic on the internet and you will find extensive research on the Rubber Band Method.

If you want to release a limiting belief, negative emotion or self-sabotaging behavior more quickly, TimeLine Therapy can permanently and easily release them in as little as one session. Enjoy your practice!

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