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August 2008 - Unconscious Really

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How much can your unconscious mind hear? Have you ever heard the amazing stories of patients under anesthesia during surgery who remember what their surgeons said? Have you ever been around a friend or a family member who was unconscious due to an accident or illness? The facts are that your unconscious mind can hear more than you think and may cause you to rethink what we are capable of experiencing or hearing. I hope you enjoy this touching article by hospice nurse Diane Pope.

Unconscious Really
By Diane Pope

“I have had the privilege of being with many dying people while working as a hospice nurse.  They do know so much more than most people believe. My most amazing patient was supposedly dying after a botched double amputation. She was unconscious for several months, although far from brain dead. I did daily private duty and each morning entered the room and read the prayer printed behind and above the head of the bed. Since I did not know the patient’s personal beliefs, I read this silently.

Some weeks later, through several correct changes in medications and a couple of miracles she woke up.  As I walked into the room and introduced myself she said, ‘I know you. You pray for me each morning.’ And then she then repeated word for word the prayer. I asked where she had learned it and she said, ‘You taught me.’ I later clarified with her that there was no time she saw the printed prayer or heard it anywhere else. She swore she only heard me ‘saying’ the words. Boy, did I learn a lot. Now unless I can be a clear channel of positive energy I stay away from unconscious people. Apparently they read your mind.”

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