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August 2010 - What Do Food Cravings Say About Your Personality?

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Who would ever guess that the food you crave may say something about your personality or how you’re feeling? Everyone has moments when they crave a particular food or snack, but if you find yourself gravitating toward a particular category of food below on a fairly frequent basis, it might be telling you something important. Many people also associate certain foods with good feelings, for example, if when you were a child your beloved grandmother always gave you chocolate chip cookies and would tell you how much she loved you, then every time you needed to feel loved as an adult, you reached for a chocolate chip cookie. This food check list was developed by Dr. Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. In counseling with hundreds of clients to help them lose weight she discovered there was a definite connection between types of foods and snacks eaten and the personality or mood of her clients. Take the test and see if this applies to you!

Food    Associated Emotional/Personality Traits
Chocolate candy bars, plain      You desire stimulation, or feel deprived of love.
Crunchy chocolate candy, chocolate bars with nuts  

You feel frustrated, anxious or angry due to tension or lack of love.

Chocolate Ice Cream   You feel depressed, usually because of tension or difficulty in a  relationship.
 Chocolate chip, rocky road or any crunchy chocolate ice cream   You are holding in anger, or feel angry at yourself, resulting in depression.
Mint chocolate chip ice cream   You feel lethargic and frustrated because you have more responsibilities than you have time or motivation.
 Chocolate pudding   You desire comfort, nurturing, and hugs.
Chocolate cake  

You feel empty, insecure, possibly due to lack of love.

Hot chocolate   You have built up hurt feelings throughout the day, and now you want to soothe your ego so you can sleep.
Crunchy, high-fat foods   You feel empty because of frustration or anger.
Spicy foods topped with dairy Products (pizza with extra cheese; Mexican food with cheese and sour Cream)   You feel depressed because life seems dull.
Dairy products (cheese, yogurt, etc.)   You feel depressed or unloved; you desire nurturing and comfort.
Baked goods, pastries   You feel tense and need to relax. You may also feel that your life is empty
Crunchy foods topped with dairy products (crackers and cheese; chips and dip; nachos with cheese and no salsa; salad with blue cheese dressing, etc.)   You are holding anger, resentment, and/or frustration, resulting in depression.
Sugary sweets  
    You want to feel energetic, or to overcome burnout.
Colas (diet or regular)   You feel overwhelmed by work or chores; you want to have more energy (including sexual energy)
Hamburgers and other high-fat fast foods   You feel empty or dissatisfied with some aspects of life. You may also feel insecure or inadequate in some are of your life.

One of the quickest most powerful ways to cut food cravings is to come in for a hypnosis session or two. Hypnosis can also quickly and permanently release the negative emotions or limiting beliefs you have about life or yourself that cause you to eat unhealthily. If you’re interested in learning more about the connection between over eating and emotions I highly recommend the book: “Losing Your Pounds of Pain”, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. author of The Yo-Yo Syndrome Diet.

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