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December 2009 - When Life Changes: 12 Important Questions

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Has your life significantly changed in some way recently? Does this change feel uncomfortable? If you answered “yes”, you’re certainly not alone.

Hardly a day goes by when we don’t hear of someone who is going through a life changing event or shift. Perhaps you know someone who has lost their job, perhaps a divorce, health issues, moving away, career changes and so much more. When change happens it can feel scary because quite frankly we feel much more comfortable with what is familiar. Even if the familiar is not perfect, at least you’re use to it and you’ve learned how to deal with it, right? 

The fact is, life is not stagnant and the only thing permanent in your life is change. If your life never changed and truly remained stagnant, you would probably feel like a prisoner of your own life. When life changes, for whatever the reason, the truth is you are being offered an opportunity for growth, for a shift in consciousness, and for positive change. In the end change is a gift of opportunity, even if the opportunity is to see that your old life as you knew it was no longer serving you. You may not see it or understand it when you’re going through it, but it’s there.

Think back a bit in your life about all the various changes and shifts you’ve gone through in your life. Perhaps you moved, went back to school, or started a new career, had an illness, got married, or divorced. At the time when you were going through those changes, or making those changes it might have felt a bit scary not knowing the full outcome of your choices or situations, yet if you look back on them you probably changed or grew in some positive ways.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, many clients come in to see me for support to help them through life changes. If you’re going through some major changes right now, or know someone who is, there are 12 important questions I ask my clients that I would like you to ask yourself. These questions are designed to shift you from a fear based place to the opportunity that is there. These 12 questions will help you look at your situation differently and creatively so you can begin to use your situation to actually redesign or reinvent your life in a positive way. I would suggest printing out these 12 questions and sitting down with paper and pen, undistracted, and take your time to answer each question as completely as you can for yourself.

  1. Is there anything in life that I am happy about right now?
  2. If there were anything good about this situation, what would it be?
  3. If I made up something good about this situation, what could I make up that would make me laugh and feel good?
  4. Shift your focus back to things that make you feel good. Write about them.
  5. The most important thing to control in life is your focus. What are you focusing on? The fact is, whatever you focus on, whether it be lack or an illness, or what you’re upset about, you will attract more of in your life.
  6. Think about a hobby you love.
  7. Think about special times in your life and write about it.
  8. Think about a song that you love.
  9. Focus on your gratitude list. List what you are truly grateful for each day. If you do this each day, your life will shift dramatically for the good.
  10. Find something good about your upset.
  11. Remember that you are the creator of your life experience and not the victim of your circumstances.
  12. Make things up that empower you. Stop making things up that are disempowering you. The reality is, you’re always making things up about what you believe to be true, and for the most part it is simply your take on it or your belief, so why not make up something that empowers you?

What changes are you going through? What is the gift of opportunity that is there for you? If you’d like to release any blocks, resistances, negative emotions or limiting beliefs surrounding life changes, consider a one on one hypnosis session to finally set yourself free! Imagine the freedom in being able to embrace the gift of change!

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