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December 2009 - The Power of Vision Boards

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With 2010 just around the corner, what are your dreams and goals? You may be thinking about all the New Year’s resolutions you want to make. Perhaps it’s weight loss, changing careers, taking a dream vacation, finally buying the house of your dreams, a new car, or perhaps something else. There are many techniques and tools to help you finally achieve your dreams and creating a Vision Board is really a lot of fun and helps you clarify your desires. Many of my clients come in for hypnosis sessions to help them drop the baggage that’s prevented them from manifesting their goals and to help them set very specific intentions for what they desire.

Vision Boards are a powerful and enjoyable tool to help you begin attracting what you want. Vision Boards are also called goal boards, goal maps, or treasure maps, and have been around for generations.

The idea is to think about what you’d like to experience or achieve in all the areas of your life: recreational relationships, health, self-growth, career, financial, spiritual, etc. You can also choose to focus on just one specific goal at a time. Simply purchase some poster board and begin going through various magazines, or even online and find pictures that represent what you’d like to manifest as a specific goal, or in all these areas of your life. For example, you might want to cut out a picture of your ideal house, a garden you’d like to create, a fabulous vacation, landing your perfect job, or a new car you’ve dreamed of having. The sky is the limit on what you include on your personal Vision Board. Add your pictures to your Vision Board and create a whole collage of your dreams.

The concept behind Vision Boards is not only to get you to become clear on what you want, but to create a visual representation of your dreams that reminds you daily of what you are working towards. Once your board is created, spend a little time each day focusing on the various pictures, imagining yourself having achieved it, get excited; feel the good feelings of having manifested it in your life as though you had it now.

There are many great websites online that can give you easy details of how to create a personal vision board. I’ve listed two excellent links below to help you get started.



What do you want to attract in 2010?

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