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December 2010 - Are You A Gracious Receiver?

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Do you enjoy the act of receiving? Initially most of us would say “yes”. The holidays are a time when we mostly think of giving to others, but this means we also should be good receivers. You can probably say, “Yes, of course I love to receive; why wouldn’t I?” Consciously you may believe you love to receive, yet have you ever found yourself in conflict when someone offers to do something nice for you, or to give you something, or pay for something for you? This conflict is stopping the flow of receiving.

What would you like to receive or attract into your life? Perhaps it’s a better relationship, or a better paying job, or better health, or simply being happier. When you are truly a good receiver, there is no resistance to attracting the positive experiences into your life that you desire. You literally become an open channel to receiving.

What are all the ways you block receiving or are actually saying “No” to the universe? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with work and are needing help or support and then a friend or co-worker tells you they want to help you with your project, but you say, “No, I can do it myself, but thanks for asking.” Maybe you desire a more intimate relationship with your spouse or partner, yet when they come up to give you affection, you find yourself actually pushing them away or you’re too busy. Here’s a really common one; can you remember someone giving you a compliment on your work, a new outfit, or perhaps a deliciously prepared meal and you invalidated it in some way? Ex: “Oh, I could have done better”, or “This old thing?” Ever been down to the last homemade cookie and someone offered it to you and you said: “Oh no, you have it”, yet you really wanted it? How many cookies has the universe offered you that you’ve said “No” to? Have you ever had the experience of wanting something and when it manifested in your life it showed up a bit differently than you expected and you invalidated all of it because you decided it had to show up a certain way?

The truth is, you are a powerful being and deserve to be blessed through receiving all the gifts which are truly yours for the accepting and allowing. There is no lack or limit in the universe to the positive experiences we can have, only our inner conflicts, judgments and beliefs about them.

You, along with everyone else have perceptions or limiting beliefs you’ve formed in your life, most of them going back to childhood or even before. Many of these perceptions and beliefs were skewed and were formed to help you survive and or be accepted.

So what are some examples of why you may have these conflicts? Growing up you may have had a situation where no matter how well you did, you interpreted it as “not good enough”, because of the way it was received by someone else, or not received. You see, even our parents or friends may not have been good receivers. If you judged yourself as not good enough then you may find yourself constantly invalidating your efforts and abilities. Perhaps you were told, “Be grateful for this or that because there are so many people in the world who are poor”, and so every time you received anything you felt guilty. While feeling truly grateful for what you have is one of the most powerful ways to open the channels for receiving, you may have developed a conflict in your mind that decided “why should I be so fortunate, when others are without?” One of the biggest conflicts most people have is around money. While growing up you were flooded with all kinds of messages about money from your parents, and similar messages may have continued throughout your whole adult life. You may have received messages that money corrupts, or that money doesn’t grow on trees, that you have to work “hard” for it, or that if you are prosperous you will lose yourself or your spiritual values. With these beliefs set strongly in your unconscious mind, do you think you’ll be a good receiver for prosperity?

There are literally hundreds of examples of all the ways we block ourselves from receiving. Many of them you can instantly recognize because of all the “shoulds” or “I can’ts” that come up around them. For an interesting experiment sit down with a pad of paper and pen and make two columns. In the column to the left, write down a list of all the experiences and things you’d like to have or attract into your life. Then go to the second column on the right across from the experience you’d like to have and write down all the conflicts, feelings, beliefs or worries that come up for you around actually having or attracting your desire.

The good news is, you can permanently and easily release these inner conflicts. One effective way is through the powerful inner tool of your unconscious mind using hypnosis. Your unconscious mind knows where all these inner conflicts and beliefs came from and knows how to let them go, replacing them with positive feelings of self-acceptance.

So when did you decide not to receive? Think about this, “Are you a Yes, or a No to the universe?”

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