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February 2008 - Want More Confidence & Motivation?

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Do you need more self-confidence or motivation to help you achieve your goals? Whether it’s sticking to your weight loss program, or creating any kind of successful outcome in your life, here’s a great mental exercise to help you succeed.

Practice this exercise as often as needed, and you will create a positive inner voice that will help keep you confident and on track.  Your inner voice can either sabotage you with inner limiting thoughts, or it can be an eloquent speaker and motivator for you.  The fact is you have all the powerful resources that you need to excel, within you. You may not have ever thought about it, but these resources have sounds, smells, images and feelings.

Exercise:  Fully relive a time when you had a strong inner sense of confidence. You can do this in your own private space. Use the same gestures, stand the same way, or sit in the same position you did then to fully relive this experience. Let yourself relive it in full sensory detail, like a giant slide show, full of all the details that make it feel like it’s happening right now. If you can’t recall a time when you felt that strong confidence, imagine all the details of what that might have been like.

Now imagine a beaming bright circle of light around your feet; give it a color and notice the color of the circle. Give it a sound, smell and shape.  See it, feel it, taste it.  Experience a powerful, strong pleasant smell while you are inside your circle.

When you feel your confidence level at its strongest, step out of the Circle. 

Now in the case of weight loss, choose your new lifestyle, perfect size, perfect shape and perfect weight, the clothes you’d be wearing at your ideal size, and apply that same feeling of confidence.  See and hear what will be around you as you begin your journey toward your weight loss goal.

A door, footsteps, the phone, the computer, a booklet…what do you anticipate on your wellness and weight release journey?  See it, taste it, hear it, feel it, smell it.

As soon as you capture these images and feelings, see yourself step back into the "Circle of Confidence".  Feel confident again and imagine your journey unfolding around you and feel your self confidence rising.  Enjoy the colors, smells, and power of the Circle around you.

Actually feel self confidence reach its peak.

Check your results now by stepping out of the Circle.  Leave the feelings outside the Circle and think again of the journey ahead. What’s the next step in your journey that will take you ever closer to achieving your goal? You should find that you automatically recall those confident feelings and happiness. You can use this exercise for every new step towards achieving your ultimate goal. When you think about the various steps towards success, it is a lot like the chapters in a book; each chapter is part of the journey bringing you closer towards achievement. So use this technique to help you imagine each step toward success. Practice will improve your ability to imagine those good feelings.

Continue to practice this until you've reached the ability to 'remember' the confident feelings anytime just by envisioning your Circle of Confidence.

Many of these concepts are used during my private hypnosis sessions with clients, and you can begin to use this powerful technique now. Print this out and keep a copy with you so you can practice this any time, any place. This same process can be used for any goal, whether it is for public speaking confidence, creating more calm in your life, greater health, positive relationships, and more. Enjoy your practice and enjoy the journey towards achieving your goals. A great reminder from Tony Robbins (Human Potential Leader): “Everything I need is within me now and I have the courage to see it through.”

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