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February 2009 - Manifesting Secrets - Part 3

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How are you doing in manifesting your goals and dreams for 2009? If you are committed to making this a powerful year I hope you enjoy part 3 of this series. If you missed part 1, see my December 2008 Newsletter and if you missed part 2, see my January 2009 Newsletter.

How many times in your life have you had a dream and then got stuck, or stopped dreaming about it because you didn’t know how to achieve it, or you thought it was too big to achieve? The fact is, you don’t have to know how-to, you just have to know what you want and the how-to will show up. Isn’t that great?

If you are stressing out over how you will achieve your goal, or not knowing the next step, you’ll simply get frustrated and you’ll get stuck in resistance and negativity and go nowhere. If you want to know if you’re stuck in resistance, or repelling your dreams, your emotions will tell you. When you feel good, you’re going in the direction of what you want. When you feel bad, you are not going in the direction of what you want. It’s really that simple. Your emotions are either attracting the solutions, the “how-to’s”, or repelling them.

The “how-to’s” always show up if you’re clear on what you want and believe you can achieve it.

I want you to think back to anything you’ve achieved in your life; pick one achievement, perhaps making a move to another city, getting your degree, finding a job, or even learning to play an instrument. When the desire was first there, you had no idea of how you were going to achieve it. You simply set the intention and eventually, the how-to showed up. You attracted the solutions, the people, the resources and the answers. When you look at the dreams others have achieved, no matter who they are, how smart they are, how famous they are, in the beginning, they had no idea of the “how-to” of their dream.

The biggest secret, once you’ve defined what you want, is “trusting” that what you want is coming and find ways to be in gratitude every day for what “is” right in your life now. Some goals may manifest more quickly, and others a bit more slowly, but it’s always coming at the right time, and in the right way if you get out of your own way and trust that the “how-to” will show up.

Your conscious critical mind has one main roll and that is to help you survive. It doesn’t like change. It thinks change is dangerous. Have you ever noticed the constant negative inner mind chatter that happens when you decide to try something new, or achieve an important goal? “You’re not good enough”. “You’ll never achieve that!” “You’ll never lose the weight”, “You don’t have what it takes!” “You’re not smart enough.” “Who are you to be successful?” etc., etc. In its mistaken attempt to protect you, it will bring up all kinds of doubt, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behavior to supposedly keep you safe, but none of it is true. Here’s a fun tip. The next time your conscious mind starts doing a read-out on all the reasons you can’t, or shouldn’t do something, think of it as a wild animal that needs to be contained. It doesn’t know what it’s doing or what it’s saying. You can’t control the thoughts of this wild animal, but you can just notice the thoughts and learn to laugh at them.

Here are 5 ways the “how-to’s” of your dreams may show up:

  1. Follow the signs: If you’re paying attention, there are synchronicities that will show up, answers and solutions. Someone will invite you to a particular gathering. A book will fall off of a shelf, which was just the book you were looking for. A friend you haven’t heard from in years will call you and know just the right person you need to talk to, etc.
  2. Inspiration: You get a sudden idea or a thought that pops into your head. It might happen in the middle of the night, or on your way to work. Pay attention to these.
  3. Dreams: Answers and solutions may come during your dreams. Journal your dreams and pay attention to them.
  4. Meditation/Prayer: Any time you quiet your busy mind, you are opening your creative channels for the “how-to’s”.
  5. Conversations with people: When you’re talking with people, you never know who has the answers or the right resources for you.

Here’s something to ponder: When you know the “how-to” up front, you are thinking too small. Way more is possible in the unknown.

If you’d like to accelerate your goal setting and you feel you have any old patterns of self-sabotage, consider a hypnosis session or two to clear out life’s old baggage. Enjoy your manifesting!

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