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February 2010 - Book review: “A Better Brain at Any Age”
by Sondra Kornblatt, Foreword by Fernando Vega, M.D.

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Do you feel like your memory isn’t as sharp and reliable as it use to be? Getting older doesn’t mean your memory capabilities have to decline.

Certainly there are biological causes of reduced memory, such as brain trauma, accidents, spinal cervical misalignments, lack of physical exercise, side effects of various medications or even poor diet. In addition, as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, clients often tell me they have poor memory simply because they believe it. For example, as a child have you ever had a parent or teacher tell you, “You’re not smart enough.” or “Your grades aren’t good enough”? Perhaps a parent or teacher, a person you looked to as an authority, was simply trying to help you perform better academically, yet did not realize the negative impact of their statement on your belief system. In this case, hypnosis can be a powerful tool for helping your release those negative beliefs that may be holding you back.

However, when it comes to a better memory or functioning of the brain it may simply be a matter of: “Use It Or Lose It!”

A Better Brain at Any Age offers a complete plan for total brain health in an engaging and accessible way. In the books seven chapters, you will learn:  Body-Mind Connection; Environmental Support; Food and Supplements; Intelligence and Learning; Memory, Learning Shortcuts, and Brain-Stretchers; Emotions and Decisions; and Meditation and Bigger Perspectives. You will also read about how that topic impacts the brain, and offers tips and highlights for readers to either delve into the book or peruse it for quick boosts. Kornblatt teaches readers how to reduce brain stress and optimize mental agility, and shares information on how the brain interacts with the body, what habits impact the brain, positively and negatively, and how to maximize learning. She provides tips to strengthen memory, cognition, and creativity so readers can function better in their active lives.

Sondra Kornblatt is a health and science writer and the author of A Better Brain at Any Age and co-author of 365 Energy Boosters. She developed the Restful Insomnia program in 2000 and has been teaching it in the Pacific Northwest since. She lives in the Seattle area with her two children.

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