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February/March 2012 - Lose Weight with the Power of Your Mind

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Is losing weight one of your top 2012 resolutions? I’ve got great news for you; hypnosis is the most effective way to permanently lose your weight and maintain it.

CBS news did a recent news piece on the power of hypnosis to help people lose the weight. In this news story, Beth Fredericks used hypnosis to lose weight and she shared her story in this compelling experience. She stated that losing weight with hypnosis was easy. It didn’t feel like she was struggling, and eating healthy and losing the weight happened quite naturally although she had tried everything before and nothing worked. This is what my weight loss clients share with me all the time. Watch this short video which begins after a short online commercial.

If you’ve ever felt weight loss was hard, you can thank your unconscious or subconscious mind. Consciously you might be pretty convinced you want to lose the weight, but your unconscious mind has a mind of its own and can actually fight what you consciously want or worse yet sabotage your results. Have you ever started a diet and perhaps you did great for a while, only to later hit a plateau where you couldn’t lose the last few pounds? There are many reasons for this and vast amounts have been written on this topic.

Let me share just a few reasons with you. This is also assuming you have no metabolic reasons for weight gain such as a slow thyroid, diabetes, genetics, or weight gain caused by side effects of some medications.  Perhaps when you were a child you loved going to your grandmothers’ house and when you felt sad or down she gave you homemade cookies. Today, although you’re completely grown up, every time you have a bad day and want to feel better you resort to eating cookies or sweets. It simply brings up those good old feelings you remembered as a child. That little child is still functioning inside you even though you’re an adult.

Here’s another possibility: maybe you took on a limiting belief early in your childhood that somehow you aren’t good enough. That limiting belief is like a program running in your unconscious mind and even if you don’t recall where and when you took on that belief, or even having that belief, every time you get close to your ideal weight you sabotage the results because unconsciously you don’t feel good enough. People of course eat for reasons other than hunger. We call these emotional eaters and if you’re one of them, you’re not alone. Perhaps you eat when you’re angry, or sad or fearful, yet you don’t even consciously recall the root cause of these emotions. You’ve learned to dull your emotions you don’t want to feel, or try and fill an empty void inside of you with food, or maybe to just distract yourself with food.

I remember one particular client of mine who shared with me she used to be slim and quite attractive only to gain over 80 pounds over several years. As we talked further she told me about her abusive marriage for 15 years. What we discovered was that she made an unconscious decision to gain weight and make herself less desirable as a way of never having to be abused by men again. She unconsciously wanted to protect herself and on a deep level she decided it wasn’t safe to be attractive. The problem of course is that she was only hurting herself. You can begin to see that even though you might consciously want to lose weight, if your unconscious mind thinks it’s not safe, just like my client, you are going to sabotage your weight loss success. It’s a protective mechanism. The good news is whatever is standing in your way, consciously or unconsciously; you can permanently, easily and quickly release these causes with hypnosis.

The fact is your unconscious mind wants to keep you safe and help you survive, so it typically protects these unconscious limiting beliefs. That’s its primary function to keep you safe, and because of this you rightfully may feel you’re fighting yourself, or that you’re in a battle with yourself to get what you want. The fact is, if what your conscious mind wants (in this case to lose weight) is not in alignment with what your unconscious mind believes is protecting you, your unconscious mind won’t listen and you are actually battling two points of view. Now imagine how much easier weight loss would be if you could get your unconscious mind on board to work with you, instead of against you. That’s what hypnosis can do and it’s very powerful.

Hypnosis for weight loss is not a diet. In as little as 2 – 3 sessions hypnosis simply teaches your unconscious mind to want to eat healthy, to enjoy every day foods in the right amounts, to fill up on less food and feel full and content, to motivate you to exercise and to want to stay away from junk foods and sugary unhealthy refined foods. Most importantly hypnosis can help you to feel good about yourself again. When you feel good, you lose the weight. In our program we also offer personalized CD’s to help reinforce your weight loss goals on the unconscious level.

How much weight would you like to release? What would it feel like to be at your ideal weight? Call for a free phone consultation or to make an appointment and get started today.

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