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January 2008 - Best Strategy for Creating Success

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Do you feel successful? Are you creating successful outcomes in your life? There’s no question that our western society is success driven, yet despite that fact, success seems to elude many people. I believe the biggest reason, other than having negative unconscious programming that is self-sabotaging, is that we often measure success by other people’s standards.

You may try to achieve the appearance of success, whether it’s majoring in a particular field of study that pays well and or is respected, following a career path because your parents suggested it, or just working so hard that you figure success is bound to find you. You may even have a fear of changing paths. In the end you find yourself feeling like a gerbil in a cage, very disconnected with yourself and the world, perhaps even angry and resentful.

There’s a good reason if you’re feeling angry and resentful and that may be because you’re not in alignment with your life purpose. When you’re not paying attention to the promptings that are inside you, you find yourself simply following someone else’s formula for success, and resentment can’t effectively create success. Our society suggests we be practical, that we follow the well traveled paths of others, to emulate others; and although this can offer up some possible direction, in the end we are learning not to trust or pay attention to the inner nudges that can guide us. In the end, you may find yourself not knowing what you want and feeling pretty emotionally flat.

Tons of books have been written on the subject of finding one’s life purpose. Many of my clients say they feel lost and completely oblivious to their life purpose or path. Finding your life purpose is not difficult or complicated, yet we often try to make it complicated, partly because we haven’t learned to feel and to trust in ourselves.

I would like to share a wonderful article on this subject written by: Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose, entitled: “Your Life Purpose? 9 Sure-Fire Ways to Find Out”.

If you are not sure of your life purpose, relax and take a deep breath. Most people are still working on it. Your life purpose is like you, a work in progress. Fortunately you don’t have to be a saint or rocket scientist to figure it out.

Your soul – the deeper, metaphysical you – brought you here for a purpose, even if your conscious mind doesn’t yet understand it. By paying attention, things become clear. You know you’re on a spiritual path, so watch where you are going.

Use these nine important “travel tips” to stay aware of your spiritual journey, while enjoying the ride:

  1. Focus on the positive. If you want to drive from Sacramento to San Francisco, you wouldn’t focus on NOT going to Los Angeles. You would focus on your destination. Similarly, to discover and fulfill your life purpose, follow your heart’s promptings.
  2. Deal with troubling areas: If your car sounds funny or there are flashing warning signs on the road, you adjust your plans. Likewise, if your body, mind, and emotions break down, it’s important to find ways to heal. We recommend energy healing techniques like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Spiritual Kinesiology or other healing modalities [hypnosis] that work quickly and deeply.
  3. Be open to new directions without ignoring established roots. Your spiritual path will take you to uncharted territory. Don’t discount other options just because you or others have not tried it before. At the same time be grounded and practical.
  4. Be your personal best. Continue to find ways to improve in areas that matter to you. Be inspired by others, without comparing yourself to them.
  5. Pursue meaningful things and minimize “obligation.” Eliminating obligations does not mean skipping out on paying for gas you put in your car, because you do really want to take the trip, right? We’re talking about obligations that come along with “have-tos” and “shoulds.” This frees you up to do what you really want to do and go where you really want to go.
  6. Consider different possibilities. There is more than one way to get to San Francisco. Avoid either/or, black or white, good or evil thinking. Often we get stuck in just two possibilities. Life is far richer than just two possibilities and your life purpose is not a formula.
  7. Value your strengths; be aware of your weaknesses. You may actually have excellent depth perception while your drive, but don’t go into rage when someone else drives slowly because of their poor vision. Remember Parenting 101? Criticize the behavior, not the child. Distinguish between skills and abilities rather than judging a person. Put yourself up and not down.
  8. Have high expectations, without getting overly attached. You may expect to arrive in San Francisco late. Don’t let it ruin your day. Things happen; that’s sometimes how we learn. Allow for outcomes to be different, and better, than you planned.
  9. Be aware of your soul’s promptings. In our “Getting Thru to Your Soul” book and classes, we discuss how to do “soul centering.” You may have other ways to become intimate with your soul. Cultivate this crucial inner relationship and pay attention to how your soul communicates through dreams and outer synchronicities, to tell you whether you are on track.

Be with good role models: It’s wise to be around people who offer guidance, insight, and inspiration. We all need support. Learning from those who have progressed along the path, gives you valuable clues on how to advance and can save you a lot of time and energy. Enjoy your journey!

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