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January 2012 - Near Death Experience Defies Medical Model of Consciousness

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A Near Death Experience (NDE) is one of the most life changing and controversial experiences any person can have. There are plenty of polls to show that most people in the world believe in a God and that includes some form of an afterlife. Do you believe in an afterlife?

What’s important about this article is not only the experience, but that it was experienced by a highly credentialed neurosurgeon, Dr. Eben Alexander, who had been pretty skeptical about whether human consciousness goes on after physical clinical death.

Skeptics have all kinds of explanations as to what causes these common experiences at the time of death. Ex: the light at the end of the tunnel, being met by an angel or deceased relatives, being told it’s not your time and you must go back, etc. Some scientists or physicians try to explain it away by stating it simply is a last ditch effort the brain makes in its attempt to cling to life and it’s nothing more than chemical reactions and hallucinations of a dying brain.

NDE research holds extraordinary potential in helping us understand consciousness itself and help answer the biggest question any of us have and that is, do we survive death in a type of afterlife?

For the full interview, go to:

I hope you enjoy this thought provoking article and interview. It may cause you to think very differently about what consciousness is and where it resides.

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