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January 2012 - Anti-Aging Discovery
New Scientific Breakthrough

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Is it possible to reverse aging and stay younger longer? Since the mid-1990s, researchers have been working on an amazing scientific breakthrough in an area known as “Redox Signaling”. With over 30 million research dollars invested, this discovery is a quantum leap beyond anything we’ve previously known about how our cells function at the molecular level.  Some are calling this discovery the biggest breakthrough in biological science since the creation of penicillin or the discovery of DNA.  

Working with atomic medical physicist Dr. Gary L. Samuelson, the company ASEA has perfected a process to create and stabilize “reactive signaling molecules.” The process has garnered over 20 patents and uses a saline solution as the “carrier” for these molecules. There are trillions of these signaling molecules in every 32 oz. bottle of ASEA. The process of replicating these signaling molecules outside the body was said to be impossible by researchers at Harvard, UCLA, and other top research schools – that is, until they tested the process and confirmed its validity.

Modern researchers can now see deep into the cells of your body and are working to map all of their intricate processes, including what causes aging and disease. Scientists have long known that inside the cells of the human body are tiny structures known as mitochondria, the power-producing centers in each cell. Part of what the mitochondria do is produce ATP, the major energy currency of our cells, providing energy for most of the cell’s activities. In this process, your cells produce what was once thought to be simply exhaust or a useless bi-product; but “useless” turned out to be completely wrong. This alleged exhaust is actually Redox Signaling Molecules, and this discovery is being hailed as the biggest scientific health breakthrough of our lifetimes. The significance of this discovery is reflected in over 300,000 links that appear when you simply Google Redox Signaling Molecules.

What’s so important about Redox Signaling Molecules? For one, if your body stopped making them, you would die within minutes. The good news is, Redox Signaling Molecules keep you younger longer and can help to reverse aging. As your mitochondria produce ATP, they spin off two types of signaling molecules known as (1) Immune System Communicators and (2) Antioxidant Activators. Immune System Communicators are critical because they enable your immune system to detect, repair and even replace damaged cells. It doesn’t matter if such cells are heart cells, liver cells, brain cells or any other cells in your body. It is a fact that all disease is due to damaged cells. As you get older, your cells “slow down” and do not create as many Redox Signaling Molecules as they did when you were young. As a young child, your Redox Signaling Molecules typically functioned at 100%. By the time you’re 70 years old, it’s down to about 10% efficiency. These “lazy” or damaged cells continue duplicating rather than purposely destroying themselves. As a result, our immune system weakens, causing illness and disease to creep in and stay. We begin to experience chronic pain, symptoms of old age, slow healing and decay. In some cases, cells undergo uncontrolled duplication due to signaling malfunction. The body is supposed to eliminate these runaway cells; but if it does not, such cells can multiply again and again, eventually resulting in failure of the entire system.

When sufficient Redox Signaling Molecules are present and help repair or replace damaged cells, this process also allows us to regenerate healthy new tissue anywhere in our body. Imagine the implications!

Why is it critical that Redox Signaling Molecules are also Antioxidant Activators? Did you know that your body automatically produces three vitally important antioxidants all on its own without taking extra antioxidants as supplements? They are L-Glutathione, Superoxide dismutase (SOD) and Catalase. Many people take supplemental antioxidants because we’ve all heard that they help prevent free radical damage to our cells (aging) and empower the immune system. The fact is, if you take over the counter antioxidants, you are most likely wasting your money. The molecular size of most plant-based antioxidants is too large to actually make it into your cells. One company, ASEA, has not only perfected an exclusive patented process to create and stabilize Reactive Signaling Molecules but has also demonstrated that replenishing these critical molecules can boost the efficiency of SOD and L-Glutathione in the human body by up to 500%, a tremendous increase. Without these signaling molecules, the immune system and the antioxidants could not perform their functions.

This scientific breakthrough has now been put in the form of a consumable product called ASEA. It is not a drug, herb, vitamin, mineral, juice or nutrient.  There are no stimulants, side effects or toxic substances. ASEA is being called a redox signaling bio-communication product, and it is the first of its kind in the world.  The high impact results have many in the medical and health communities scrambling to learn more.

Despite the widespread understanding that nutritional supplements can be beneficial to health, the recent discovery of the importance of redox signaling requires a paradigm shift in our thinking. ASEA is a product that is not in competition with other nutritional products. ASEA actually works synergistically with all other nutritional products, enabling them to function to their highest level of performance. When our redox signaling processes are optimized, our bodies are empowered to use food sources and supplements to the fullest degree possible to ensure healthy cell function.

Do you work out, run or enjoy other athletic activities? The sports world is just becoming aware of this amazing scientific discovery. ASEA has been tested on well-known endurance athletes including marathon runners and cyclists, with surprising results. First the test subjects underwent Ventilatory Threshold or VO2 Max testing, where they were pushed to the point of exhaustion. Then they took ASEA daily for two weeks, after which they were tested again. The tests showed almost unbelievable improvement: an average increase in time to Ventilatory Threshold of 12%, with a maximum gain of 30%.  So much improvement in so little time is unheard of in the sports world, causing some observers to question whether ASEA contains any artificial stimulants, steroids or other banned substances. In point of fact, ASEA has been certified 100% free of all banned substances by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). ASEA is entirely suitable for use by any athlete, at any level of competition. ASEA is completely natural and native to the human body.

If you’d like to learn more, watch this informative 19-minute video:

You can also try ASEA risk-free for 30 days. If for any reason you do not feel benefit, the company will refund 100% of your purchase, less shipping. To try a case (one-month supply) go to: www.debandmike.teamasea.com, click “Buy” in the upper-right corner and become a Preferred Customer.

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