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July 2007 - Client Spotlight: Successful Weight Loss!

Do your weight loss goals start out enthusiastic, but your mind and emotions kick in to somehow sabotage your success? Do you think of yourself as a fat person, or a slim person? There’s no question about the fact that how we think of ourselves affects our results, particularly as it relates to body image. The fact is our thoughts are all forms of self-hypnosis. Every thought you have, particularly if it’s a repetitious thought, whether positive or negative is programming your unconscious mind, and what ever your unconscious mind believes, your physical body will demonstrate. Your unconscious mind is the seat of all of your habits and behaviors. So how can you override obsessive conscious thoughts of being overweight, when you look in the mirror and see that overweight person you don’t want to be? The good news is you can, and hypnosis may be the powerful solution for you.

Please join me in applauding two amazing ladies, (clients of mine) who have just shared their weight loss success using hypnosis. Way to go Ann and Ina!!

“I received your newsletter and thought I'd let you know how my weight loss is going. When I saw you for hypnotherapy I think I weighed in at 163 lbs. I've been trying to lose this weight for 5 full years now, but my weight stayed between 155-165 lbs. even though I tried Weight Watchers, People on the Go, exercising EVERY DAY, etc. - I'm serious! And honestly, I stuck with those programs for months at a time and I just never, ever took off more than a few pounds. I was sooooo disheartened I really didn't think I would ever succeed.

Well, after our visit I listened to your tape almost every night as I went to sleep for over 2 months; currently I continue to listen a couple of times a week. Today I weigh 147 lbs. I don't remember if this would put me on the exact schedule you calculated for me, but I am very, very happy with this progress and have only 12 more lbs. to lose to reach my goal. My weight loss started slowly but now it is coming off faster and faster....the hypnotherapy worked, I'm certain of it! Thank you so much, I'll let you know when I reach my goal!

Thanks again.” Ann in Loveland, CO


“I have lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks thanks to you.  I am able to turn down ice cream & other goodies that I have never been able to turn down before. The alpha trigger is a great tool for me. If I find myself getting stressed, or needing to relax I use the Alpha Trigger and it works very fast and lets me feel relaxed and in control.  Please let me know if I can be of any help to you in Marketing your service, you are great.”    Ina in Loveland

We look forward to hearing more updates from Ann and Ina.
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