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June 2009 - 20 Practical Life Lessons Kids Teach Us

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Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn’t music.
- William Stafford

Children are wise and amazing little beings and have a lot to teach us. Sometimes as adults we seem to complicate our lives. Have you ever just watched children at play? Unlike adults, ever notice how children display and feel their honest emotions, and how easily they get mad or cry and then it’s quickly over? Children see everything as magical, amazing and possible. And how many of you have had your child come up to you with a pearl of wisdom that challenged you? Kids have a lot to teach us that we have forgotten.

Here are some amazing reminders we can learn from children:

  1. Live Spontaneously
  2. Never Let a Lack of Qualifications Deter You
  3. Exercise Can Be Fun
  4. When Things Go Awry, Laugh and Move On
  5. Keep an Open Mind
  6. Other People May Identify Our Abilities First
  7. Mistakes Can Open Doors to Exciting Opportunities
  8. Use Your Imagination
  9. Improvise Along the Way
  10.  Learn by Imitation
  11.  Play
  12.  Be Creative and Do it Your Way
  13.  Express Your Feelings
  14.  Be Fully Aware of Your Surroundings
  15.  Start Everyday with Enthusiasm
  16.  Ask Lots of Questions
  17.  Be Honest and Call It Like It Is
  18.  Pursue Your Curiosity
  19.  Enjoy Life’s Simple Pleasures
  20.  Nurture and Value Your Relationship

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