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June 2011 - Are Your Fears Really Yours?

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Client Spotlight / Interesting Case

What fears do you have? All of us have various fears; but is it possible that the root cause of a particular fear doesn’t belong to you, but to someone else? The answer is a resounding “yes”.

I want to share a fascinating client case that may help you begin thinking about your own fears, beliefs or emotional patterns. Kathy (pseudonym) came into my office for help with fear of needles. This is a woman who couldn’t even see a needle on television, much less get an actual shot, without experiencing extreme anxiety. She had had this fear most of her life; but she seemed ready to release the fear and move on. Using a simple process known as TimeLine Therapy, we easily and quickly released the root cause of her fear in just one session. Believe it or not, the cause went back to 7 months in the womb.

Ironically, Kathy found out from her mother after the session that around that time (7 months in the womb) her mother had had an Amniocentesis process. This process is typically done to check for any abnormalities in the development of the baby. If you read Wikipedia’s description online of how an Amniocentesis process is done, you can clearly see why her fear of needles could have started in the womb. Here’s what Wikipedia states:

“Before the start of the procedure, a local anesthetic can be given to the mother in order to relieve the pain felt during the insertion of the needle used to withdraw the fluid. [Note: The mother remains conscious and aware during the procedure.] After the local is in effect, a needle is usually inserted through the mother's abdominal wall, then through the wall of the uterus, and finally into the amniotic sac. With the aid of ultrasound-guidance, a physician punctures the sac in an area away from the fetus and extracts approximately 20 ml of amniotic fluid.”

Babies in the womb are actually quite aware of what is going on around them and can also pick up on the emotions and limiting beliefs of their mother. Imagine being a baby in the womb and sensing a giant needle, up to 6 inches in length, puncturing into your safe environment of the womb. Not only could the baby feel its own fear response, but more importantly, it could sense the mother’s fear of the procedure and take that on as its own fear.

Kathy’s mother was a nurse and shared with Kathy after our session that her pregnancy was a rough one, including the fact that Kathy’s umbilical chord was wrapped around her neck in the womb. Kathy also grew up seeing her mother give herself weekly medication shots. During her hypnosis session, we learned that Kathy became consciously fearful of needles at age 7, although her fear actually began in the womb.

Remarkably, after just one session with TimeLine Therapy, Kathy’s fear was completely gone. TimeLine Therapy is a hypnotic process that is quick, easy and permanent.

What fears would you like to release?

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