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May 2011 - Lose Weight Using Self-Hypnosis

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Have you been trying to lose weight? The summer season is just around the corner.
I’ve got something very powerful to share with you. In this article you will find easy instructions on how to actually hypnotize yourself to lose the weight. That’s right; you can! The reality is all hypnosis is simply self-hypnosis. Whether you’re coming into my office for a personalized hypnosis session centered on your own unique needs and issues, or doing it on your own, it is “you” who allows yourself to be hypnotized. So let’s get right to the instructions.


Things you'll need:

  • A quiet place
  • Time when you will not be disturbed
  • Relaxing music if you want

1. Hypnosis is really a heightened state of awareness where your conscious mind is by-passed. It is a natural state of mind and many of us have experienced it as daydreaming or being so engrossed in a book or movie that we fail to hear somebody talking to us. It is a way of communicating with your unconscious mind.

When communicating with your unconscious, remember that it does not process direct negatives so be sure to give suggestions in a positive manner e.g. 'I am slim, fit and healthy' rather than 'I am not overweight'.

Self-hypnosis is a practical and effective technique for changing the way you think about food.

First you need to think about the things you want to change and then write positive statements about these. Ex: 'I enjoy eating fruit and vegetables'; 'I choose to be healthy'; ‘I enjoy exercising every day'; ‘I am the perfect size me'; 'I eat small portions and fill up quickly'. Pick about five of these statements to use and read them over a few times. (You can use any others at different times.)
 2. Next, find somewhere comfortable and quiet, and sit or lie down. You  may want to play some relaxing music.

Now start to relax your body. One way of doing this is to close your eyes and imagine waves of relaxation running down your body from your scalp downwards, washing out stress. Let the waves run in time with your breathing, first washing down over your head, then your neck, then your torso, then arms, and finally your legs. Feel the muscles in your body relaxing as the waves of relaxation wash over them.

Or you may start by relaxing the little muscles around your eyes, feeling your eyelids getting heavier. Feel the muscles of your face soften and loosen as the relaxation spreads over your scalp. Spreading from your eyes down to your jaw. Just allow the feeling of relaxation to spread all the way down your body. In your mind, keep saying the words, 'Relax, soften, loosen'.

3. The next step is to use suggestion to deepen the state of relaxation. This can be as simple as saying to yourself something like: 'I am feeling relaxed and comfortable'; 'With every breath I am becoming more relaxed and more comfortable'; 'I am tired and sleepy.’ ‘I can feel the weight of relaxation in my arms and legs.’ ‘I am more and more relaxed'.

Or you can count backwards slowly from 20.

Or imagine yourself descending a staircase, saying to yourself, 'With every step down, I go deeper and deeper into this feeling of relaxation'.

4. If you are new to self-hypnosis, you probably won't feel as if you are hypnotized. It is simply a feeling of deep relaxation, similar to meditation.

Once you feel completely relaxed, start saying to yourself the affirmations you have prepared and visualize yourself at the weight and size you want to be. Make sure that, in your imagination, you are inside your own body, looking through your own eyes and get in touch with how you will feel when you’re at that ideal weight. Mix the visualizations and affirmation with the relaxation suggestions.

5. When you feel ready, say to yourself ,"On the count of five, I will open my eyes". Then count yourself back up slowly. Repeat this exercise every day for best results! Remember that perseverance is key to your success.

It is best to concentrate on one aspect of your problem at a time. Ex: if you want to start an exercise program, concentrate on the motivation for that and visualize yourself exercising. Once this new pattern is established, then you can begin to work on other issues or goals.

If you’d like more information on this, I also teach what is called 1 Minute Hypnosis in my office. And don’t forget to listen to some of our amazing free CD’s (MP3’s) on our website at: https://www.lpgmindworks.com/freecd2.html

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