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May 2007 - Genetic Consciousness

Have you ever thought about your DNA and what your relatives handed down to you? Was your body shape, your personality, your eye color, even disease inherited? Do you believe you’re stuck with what you got?
Perhaps it’s time to rethink and examine your beliefs.

It’s true; DNA is the sign-post for everything we are. It holds information on our past, present and future make-up, which includes our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. However, new research has opened the doors to new ideas on how our DNA works and how it is activated within each person.

According to Bruce Lipton, PhD, “The Biology of Belief”, your DNA does not control or dictate who you are. His scientific research shows that environment is what shapes your DNA, allowing it to evolve and change. Although we carry our ancestor’s genetic makeup, environmental influences, such as emotions, stress and nutrients can control which Genetic Codes will be read and activated in our lives.

Great food for thought:

  • What did your mother eat while you were in her tummy?
  • What is your diet like today?
  • What kind of pollutants are you exposed to?
  • What kind of thoughts do you have?

All may play a role in what is and could be activated in your DNA.

The work of Candace B. Pert, PhD, “Molecules of Emotion” reveals how your thoughts and emotions affect health. She demonstrates how the biology of our cells can change by our thought processes. Positive thoughts and emotions can create healing as negative ones can create illness in our bodies. Therefore, we have incredible control over our lives and health.

William A. Tiller, PhD, author of “Science and Human Transformation,” measures energy from thoughts and emotions. Although this is just a portion of his work, his compelling theories explain how the energy frequencies of our thoughts and emotions effect change in our cells and DNA.

The positive message is that we are all capable of healing ourselves, whether physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. We can change how our Genetic Code operates, allowing us to re-create our health and our life. If there is something causing dis-ease with-in our DNA, we have the ability to change, modify or release that part through hypnosis, allowing us to create health, mental acuity, emotional balance, and spiritual awareness.


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