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November 2008 - One Woman’s Amazing Story: Anger Started During Birth

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Do you feel angry more often than you’d like to? Do you find yourself responding with anger only to later wonder what got into you? Here’s a client story that may surprise you; I’ll call her Betsy.

TimeLine Therapy is a powerful process I used for Betsy to help her permanently release the root cause of her anger, and typically in as little as one session. One of the benefits is you don’t need to know the content of the memory or relive it. You just know that afterwards you can’t feel the negative emotion. This was true for Betsy. But, what really surprised her was that her unconscious answer she got during her session was that the root cause of her anger started “during” birth.

Betsy didn’t really care what the content of the memory was as long as it was gone, but what was fascinating was that she was later able to validate her root cause. After her session she found out more about the circumstances surrounding her birth and wrote:

“There was not enough rooms for all the women having babies in the hospital in Bemidji, MN when I was getting ready to come into the world.  My mom had to stay in the hallway when she really needed to be in a room!  I sense that she was feeling fear and embarrassment during that time and hoping I wouldn't come out just yet.  These feelings very likely got transferred to me and have been buried in my subconscious all my life.  The night after my hypnotherapy session, I dreamed that my car fell apart as I was driving it and I ended up at a repair shop listening to a mechanic.  In our dream dictionary, a mechanic signifies a need to work on past hurts and trauma.  It fits! “

What negative emotions or limiting beliefs would you like to release?  

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