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November 2011 - Near Death Experiences: What Happens When We Die? One Woman’s Amazing Experience: Cured of End Stage Melanoma

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Have you ever wondered exactly what happens when you physically die? Quite frankly the thought of death is the biggest fear most people have. I want to share a video with you of Anita Moorjani's amazing Near Death Experience (NDE) and the positive loving message she came back to share with everyone. Not only did it change her life, but she was completely cured of end stage Melanoma, something so surprising that doctors still travel to her hospital to look at her hospital records because this type of thing typically just doesn’t happen.

The fear of death is one of the most common fears my clients report. A few of my clients realize they have an obsessive fear of death which seems to immobilize them. There are many beliefs and opinions out there surrounding what actually happens when we die. Most world religions suggest we live on in a non-physical place, some call it heaven. Atheists typically don’t believe there’s anything beyond the grave, that we’ve got just one shot at this thing called life. However, the research on NDE’s is robust and hard to ignore. Many emergency room doctors have had first hand experiences with patients who have clinically died (flat lined), just to have them come back and recite everything the doctors or family were saying while they were technically dead.

One of the most important messages Anita shares is how she realized that she carried so much fear in her life; fear about everything. She discovered that it was this fear that caused her body to become seriously ill. As a hypnotherapist I see how my client’s negative emotions cause illness and how a simple shift in unconscious emotions and beliefs can help people get well again.

If you’re interested in this subject, I would highly recommend you do some of your own research on it. A couple of authors I would recommend are any books by Dannion Brinkley, a man who died numerous times and came back to write about it, and or Raymond Moody, MD, PhD, who has founded the field of Near-death studies in 1975 with the publication of “Life After Life,” the first book to examine and name the phenomenon known as the Near-death Experience.

I hope you enjoy this video of Anita’s amazing journey. Feel free to forward this article to any friends of family who you feel may benefit.

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