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November 2012 - The Cleansing Fountain of White Light

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Here is a great little technique, using the power of visualization to use in any situation where you feel vulnerable or need a sense of strength and protection. As a clinical Hypnotherapist I’m always looking for techniques and tools that can help my clients. This works especially well if you believe in God, some other higher power, or the amazing power of energy.

Tip: You could also simply record the following instructions, reading it slowly enough for you to do the process and then just listen to your recording and follow along. This is a great little technique you can do any time, any place. Thanks to psychologist Dr. Wil Horton for sharing this.

Directions:  You may sit on a chair, or if outside, on the ground. ( If you are unable to sit, as restricted to a bed, picture yourself  having invisible roots/connectors going down into the ground.) Close your eyes and feel the chair under you providing you with support. At the same time get a sense of your feet at the point where the soles connect to the ground. Feel your body connect through the floor into the earth, similar to a pole, grounding your energy. Take slow deep breaths. In through your nose and exhaling completely all the way out through your mouth. With each breathe, feel your connection to the earth... sinking deeper and deeper, gaining a sense of peace, feeling the silent cushioning of the earth below you, isolating your from the world about you.

Now visualize a pure, opaque white light begin to stream down from above you, bathing you in a shower of warmth, comfort...it is as if you are encased in a white cylinder of pure protection and strength, that nothing from the outside can penetrate without your permission. It flows down over and through your entire body.  Through the top of your head, your neck, your shoulders, torso, waist, hips, legs, feet, continuing down through the earth.  This white light will circle up and out returning to flow down from above your head again.  Each time it flows through you, it is taking with it all the impurities, the dark thoughts, fears, worries, weakness, pain... down from the top of your head, through the body, and out down into the earth where it is cleansed, much as a charcoal filter works in a fish tank...All the negative, dark impurities are left in the earth for filtering, cycling up above you to once again flow through you…strong, pure, bringing in clarity, strength, confidence, health. 

Let this fountain of energy flow through you...from above your head, through you, and into the ground, and then up again above your head.  Allow this to repeat continuously until you feel renewed.

This has also been used "while in motion".  When walking in an unknown section in a big city, or a business environment and feeling overwhelmed or fearful...visualize a "shower of white energy" cascading in a column before you.  "Walk into the shower", and feel it flow over and through you, and then down into the earth...giving yourself an instant "lift", your head will suddenly be held higher, shoulders back, a confident bounce in your walk.  Allow this shower to move with you for a short period of time, revitalizing your mind, and then dispersing at will when no longer needed.

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