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October 2008 - Resveratrol – The Fountain of Youth?

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You will find it quite rare for me to discuss any nutritional supplements in my newsletter, simply because this newsletter is primarily dedicated to positive change through hypnosis. However, I have personally studied life extension supplements for over 30 years and it takes a lot to get me excited. We’re all looking for ways to extend the quality of our life, to feel better physically and slow down the signs of aging. I want to share a little about Resveratrol, what it is and how it is helping thousands of people.

As you will see by this brief article below, most Resveratrol comes from red wine and that is the most common way consumers get trace amounts of Resveratrol. If you do a search online, you will discover hundreds of company’s selling various forms and strengths of Resveratrol. The problem is you don’t really know the quality of what you’re getting and the biggest problem is Resveratrol doesn’t remain in your system that long. The solution is in finding a formulation that can sustain these anti-oxidant qualities of Resveratrol in your system longer so it can maximize its benefits in your body. Dr. Stephen Jennings, MD, has found a way to sustain these levels longer through a patent pending proprietary blend of natural supporting nutrients listed below.

Quercetin in a naturally-occurring substance as well – it synergizes with Resveratrol, and is potently anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-cancer. Quercetin has many of the same properties as resveratrol, and when they are combined together, quercetin makes resveratrol work better in your body by increasing bio-availability!

Quercetin also has some other important qualities such as reducing chronic pain in some types of non-bacterial prostatitis. Many other red wine extract products leave out this important ingredient, making them much less compelling formulations of Resveratrol. You won’t find resveratrol and quercetin together in most other formulas!

Scutellaria lateriflora
Scutellaria is 90% baicalein and closely mimics the benzodiazepines such as Valium – it is calming and helps with sleep.

Proanthanols are oligomeric proanthrocyanidins (OPCs) that occur in grape seeds and the bark of the maritime pine tree. (Pycnogenol) – they are potent antioxidants and highly efficient scavengers of free radicals.

Here are a few additional basics. The Japanese Knotweed Tree, often called the King of Herbs in Japan, is the source of Resveratrol used in this formulation. It was used by the Samurai of Japan for strength and endurance. They would carry this herb with them into battle to sustain their energy.

Major benefits….

This form of Resveratrol with its crystal structure is 1000 times more powerful than all other Resveratrol.  It works at the cellular level to rid the body of fungus, homosystein damage from oxidative stress and clear debris from dead cell waste while protecting the DNA telemeres from freying.

An article published March 21, 2008 showed that the combination of resveratrol and quercetin exert powerful anti-obesity effects by inhibiting differentiation of fat-cell-precursors into true fat cells, and by inducing apoptosis, a medical term for programmed cell death – inducing the death of already established fat cells.

Resveratrol is reported by the media with excited anticipation of its potential in the metabolic support of the immune system, anti-aging, sports performance, abnormal cell growth concerns, and life extension. Resveratrol, found in red grapes, fruits, berries and root extracts, was first isolated in 1940 as a constituent of Japanese Knotweed and the Hy Zhang Root Extract (Polygonum capsidatum). The bio-active chemical configuration is 3,5,4’-tri-hydroxy-trans-stilbene, a potent antioxidant.

Led by Dr. David Sinclair at Harvard University, research studies continue to find more interesting benefits from this compound, including potential anti-cancer, anti-aging, and life extension activity. Considerable attention is focused on anticancer properties, both in solid tumors and hematologic malignancies. 

Do the research yourself by going to: www.pubmed.gov and www.pogofrog.com  Once you are there, simply type into their search engine the word “Resveratrol”. There are over 2386 current articles about resveratrol alone. 

It is not surprising that Resveratrol is shaping up to be the greatest nutritional discovery of our lifetimes.

The media has nicknamed Resveratrol as the “fountain of youth”, and you will be hearing more about some of the scientific data that gave birth to this worldwide interest.

Featured on the Barbara Walters special “Live to 150,” Resveratrol has been in the news a great deal!

Here are a few links on utube where you can learn more too.

Here is a video on Alzheimer's prevention:

The benefits of Resveratrol and this particular formulation are so numerous there is not enough space in this article to list them all. Dr. Stephen Jennings, MD has written a wonderful detailed article on the benefits of Resveratrol. If you would his FREE report, just email me at: deborah@lpgmindworks.com

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