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October 2008 - Staying Optimistic in Uncertain Times

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Have you noticed lately that hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear unsettling news, whether it be the economy, Wall Street, or instability in various parts of the world? It may seem difficult to remain optimistic with all that is going on around you.

Here are 10 practical everyday tips to help you stay centered and optimistic:

  1. It’s important to be informed by the news but don’t let it inundate you. News is typically full of all the negative events going on in the world, and if you become obsessed with listening round the clock it begins to wear on your psyche. Turn off the tube, unplug and do something nurturing for you. Don’t give your power away to negative thinking. If something important happens you’ll find out anyway.
  1. Take time out for you. What gives you joy? What nurtures you? Take a walk in nature, play a favorite CD, dance, and call or write a dear friend, take a hot bubble bath with essential oils, pamper yourself and let the rest of the world go for those minutes.
  1. Stop trying to control your world. The fact is you cannot control other people or what happens in the world. What you can control is how you choose to react to what is going on around you. There is an old saying: “That which we resist persists!” For those of you familiar with the concept of “the Law of Attraction”, you know what you focus on simply expands. What would happen if you simply surrendered to what is going on that you cannot change? There is a difference between giving up and surrendering. Surrendering is simply allowing. It is not up to you to control others or situations; you can choose happiness; you can choose optimism no matter what.
  1. There is a gift in disguise. No matter what is going on, whether it be in the world, in this country, in your home or in your office, there is a gift in disguise, an opportunity for growth, for transformation, for positive change, to make things right. There’s an old saying: “The only thing that is permanent is change.” It’s simply a course correction.
  1. Stay in the Now. You are a powerful, creative person and in every moment, despite what is going on, you have the ability and the talent to recreate your world and to make new positive choices. Author Eckhart Tolle has written a wonderful book on this very subject: The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
  1. Focus on what you appreciate in your life and that which you are grateful for. Nothing shifts your mood quicker than being grateful for what is right and good in your life even if it is something small. Look around you and notice what you appreciate, whether it is the beauty of nature, your health, your loved ones, your children.
  1. You can make a difference in your world. Get involved. Focus on helping others. Volunteer for a cause or a non-profit organization. When you get involved, when you focus on helping others, you take your focus off what is displeasing to you about any situation. You feel more empowered, rewarded and that you are doing something positive in your personal world.
  1. Feed your spiritual self. For those of you, who are open to spiritual practices, ask yourself who or what is really behind the scenes? Where does your inner strength really come from? Tap into the inner Source that truly feeds you, that is timeless and eternal. Spend some time exploring a good book on the subject. Join a group or church and meet like-minded spiritually based supportive friends.
  1. Meditate and quiet your mind. Learn and practice meditation. Meditation is simply the art of quieting your busy mind and creating a wonderful oasis of peace within you where you can momentarily leave the frantic world, and replenish your mind and your world. It is through meditation that many people find answers and solutions to the dilemmas in their life.
  1. Choose optimism no matter what! This is worth repeating. Set an intention, that no matter what is going on around you, you choose to be optimistic. Optimism attracts more situations and people that reflect your reason to remain optimistic.

It is during the most challenging times in our lives and when there are situations or events that seem beyond our control that our inner fears and issues that have always been there may be triggered and show up even more. Hypnosis can be a valuable tool to help you break through and eliminate the root cause of where many of these fears or limiting beliefs came from, helping you live a more empowered and optimistic life.

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