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October 2011 - Tales From The Womb… Interesting Client Case

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A woman in her mid 40’s came in to see me recently; I’ll call her Susan. My client had life long issues with feeling unsupported in life. You’ll never guess the root cause of where this started.

Men didn’t seem to be there for her emotionally and she always felt if something was to get done it was all up to her. For Susan, feeling unsupported was a belief that was clearly playing out in her life. We all have a variety of limiting beliefs, but the question is how can you release what’s not working so you can get on with your life?

Susan and I did a simple process known as “TimeLine Therapy” to find out where she decided she wasn’t supported. It turns out it went all the way back to the womb “during” birth. She explained to me that she had a twin brother who died in utero, so when it came time to be born he wasn’t there for her. In her unconscious mind she felt abandoned and this early life experience had affected her for her entire life. Even though this was something Susan hadn’t thought of in years, this made total sense to her. With this hypnosis process we were able to release this limiting belief so she could begin feeling truly supported by others and release the fear and the conditions that continued to demonstrate she wasn’t supported.

Who would imagine that such an early event would cause such a ripple effect in Susan’s life. Each of us have many early childhood experiences that shape our lives and our experiences. Many of them are completely unconscious. These experiences act like a program running on the hard drive of your computer. In this case the hard drive is your subconscious mind and the negative program is the unhealed experience. The good news is you don’t have to be at effect your limiting beliefs. Imagine being able to permanently, easily and quickly release the beliefs that no longer serve you, instead of spending an entire life ruled by them.

What are your limiting beliefs and wouldn’t it be liberating to easily let them go?

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