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October 2012 - Client Spotlight… Quitting Smoking the Easy Way!

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Congratulations to Karla of Forsyth. Hypnosis is the easiest way to quit, but perhaps you might be wondering about the long term success of hypnosis. Five years later, Karla is still smoke free. Here is her story:

"I decided I needed a different approach to quitting smoking after seeing what friends and family went through trying to use those things that are normally tried with varying degrees of success.  I had talked, years ago, with a dentist who did hypnotism for smoking and he gave me the idea.  It wasn't until many years later that I decided it was time to quit.

I was very fortunate to find Deborah who was willing to talk with me on the phone to discuss the process and to send me a CD to give me a feel of what it was like.  I was about 80/20 when I got the CD and after listening to it and being assured I wouldn't cluck like a chicken at some point, I bit the bullet.

I smoked all the way to the appointment.  I had not thrown out my last cigarette.... just in case.  I knew getting into the car afterwards would be the first test.

The process was in itself so very relaxing.  I felt wonderfully relaxed and not at all 'tight' like I thought I might.

I came out of the appointment, thanked Deborah warmly, got in the car and drove off.  I kept thinking to myself, "I really don't feel like having a smoke. Maybe as I drive."  I continued all the way home and continued to take it in short periods. I realized that smoking had become a break for me.  When I needed a break from computer work, or needed to proof some work, or make a plan for the day.  So for the first days and weeks I thought for sure that one day I would take one of these breaks and would just have to have a smoke.  But no. I believe no one was more amazed than I that it was that easy.

I believed then and still do that I had to change my mind completely about this cigarette habit and with Deborah's help, I was able to do it.  I would recommend her and have recommended her to many people. 

I have not had a cigarette since June 2007."

Karla S.  - Forsyth, CO
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