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September 2007 - The Unconscious Mind ~ Your Key To Positive Change

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Have you ever felt frustrated that no matter how hard you try to change your behaviors, negative emotions, or patterns in your life that you keep on repeating the same old issues over and over again? For example, do you keep attracting the same negative relationships, or constantly find yourself short of money, or keep overeating no matter what you try?

For any of you who saw the old movie, “Groundhog Day”, you may feel like that’s you, except in the movie, Bill Murray had the opportunity to learn from living that same day over and over again until he got it right, because he knew what to expect and how to overcome it. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, none of us have the opportunity to repeat the same day until we get it right.

You may feel you’ve tried so many approaches, from positive thinking to daily affirmations. While positive thinking is always a good idea, the problem to lasting change lies in your unconscious mind.

Whether you realize it or not, your unconscious mind has a primary function of keeping you safe, both physically and emotionally. It’s functioning 24/7 behind the scenes with so many tasks, mostly completely oblivious to your conscious awareness. Many of the tasks include elementary things, such as basic communication with every cell in your body, making sure your heart beats, that you breathe automatically and that you digest your food, just to name a few. One of the primary ways it protects you is to literally record every thing you’ve ever seen, felt, heard, smelled and tasted, which includes learned habits.

Every single experience in your life, both good and bad, has been recorded in the repository of your unconscious mind. Part of the reason is for you to hopefully learn from the experiences and to be able to call on that learning when you need to. But it also takes on habits, like driving a car or other repetitive actions. Part of why your unconscious mind takes on habits is to free your conscious mind, so you can multi-task, such as when you’re driving a car down the freeway in the fast lane. You can be talking on a cell phone or thinking of things you need to do that day, while never giving the habit of driving a conscious thought. In this example it would protect you and help you be more efficient, otherwise you might suddenly forget how to drive. Another reason your unconscious mind records experiences and habits is so that when you’re not paying attention consciously, as in the example above on driving, your behavior and your actions go on a sort of “autopilot”. In other words, when you’re not conscious of your behavior, you are automatically carrying out actions, behaviors and beliefs that have become automatic and programmed at the unconscious level, and again for your well-being, but it turns out it isn’t always for your well-being.

Most people have had experiences in their lives which weren’t so terrific, perhaps losing someone close to them, being rejected as a child or being told they’ll never amount to anything, etc. Based on these experiences we often form beliefs about ourselves or about life, that aren’t serving us, and no matter how hard we try to think positive or repeat daily positive affirmations it usually doesn’t work. The reason is two-fold.

First off, if your conscious thought of what you desire, example: better relationships, isn’t in alignment with what your unconscious programming is, or what you unconsciously believe, your unconscious mind won’t accept it or take it in. Your unconscious mind works very hard to maintain its beliefs as a way of protecting you. So for example, if you kept repeating a positive affirmation like: “I now attract loving positive relationships into my life”, but your unconscious mind believes that good relationships evade you, your conscious affirmation will not get through to change that old belief.

Secondly, even if those affirmations were able to get through, you cannot repeat them 24 hours a day, so what happens is, when you stop with the positive affirmations, you go back on auto-pilot, reacting and behaving according to your unconscious programming.

The reality is, your unconscious mind is very powerful and it is literally there to serve you and protect you. It wants you to be happy, healthy and successful. What hypnosis can help you do is go in to the unconscious mind and release those old limiting beliefs, hurts and habits, so you can begin to consciously create the life you truly love. In this way, the next time you go on auto-pilot, you will be automatically acting and behaving in the ways that continue to attract into your life what you really want.

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