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September 2009 - Can Children Spontaneously Recall Past Lives?

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Do you believe in past lives? Could the possibility of past lives explain some of your relationship patterns, fears, phobias, talents, likes and dislikes?

See the amazing video link at the end of this article to watch a persuasive case of one child’s memories of a past life.

The concept of past lives or living multiple lives is not new at all, in fact reincarnation is a major cornerstone and tradition of both Buddhism and Hinduism. In addition, the Sufi tradition of Islam carries with it wonderful reflections of reincarnation concepts in much of their arts and music.

Surprisingly, reincarnation also has its roots in both Christianity and Judaism. Judaism refers to reincarnation as “gilgul” and their fundamental belief goes back thousands of years. It remained a pillar of their religion until the mid 1800’s when a more popular western and scientific way of thinking infiltrated Eastern European Jewish society. In Chasidic and Orthodox Jewish communities, reincarnation continues to be an important foundation of their faith until this day.

In regard to Christianity, early references to reincarnation mentioned in the New Testament were removed in the fourth century by Emperor Constantine when the Roman Empire adopted Christianity as their official religion. By the sixth century the Second Council of Constantinople officially declared reincarnation heresy.

I want to share an amazing short video online of a young boy who seems to consciously recall his past life. It’s one of the most persuasive cases I’ve seen to date. Please ignore the short accompanying commercial at the beginning.


If this is a topic that interests you, I invite you to also check out my July 2009 newsletter that talks more extensively about this topic where you can view a powerful 5 part video documentary online about children and their past life memories.

If you’re even a little curious, or you want to explore the root cause of a long term issue or pattern in your life, consider making an appointment to experience your own past life memories. Understanding your past history can help you unlock and release the unfinished business in your past, allowing you to make positive changes and move forward with your life.

To learn even more, feel free to visit my Past Life Therapy link on my website.

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