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September 2011 - Release That Limiting Belief And Set Yourself Free!

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Ask yourself this: “How many limiting beliefs do you have that are holding you back?” The list of limiting beliefs is endless. Here are a few common ones. “I can’t make enough money”. “I’m afraid I’ll fail, so why try?”. “I don’t have enough time”. “I’m not good enough”. “I can’t lose weight”. “Good relationships are hard to find”. Etc.

Most likely you have one or more limiting beliefs, and chances are they stand in your way of creating financial and emotional abundance in your life. But the good news is you can fully and quickly release these limiting beliefs through hypnosis.

Limiting beliefs are usually a result of a limiting decision that you made somewhere in your past. They are often a response to an emotional event or an experience. Your decision that led to this limiting belief may have taken place before, during or after your birth. Hypnotherapy can quickly help you find and release the source or the root cause.

Recently, a woman came to see me who was having problems with her career. She had a rocky job record, never being able to stay at one job very long and unable to achieve the success she desired. We discovered she had two strong limiting beliefs that were sabotaging her success.

The first one was:  “I’m not good enough, I always come last, I’m not important.”  When I asked her subconscious mind to go back to when she made that decision, she remembered being in the delivery room with her mother and their doctor. She recalled the doctor setting her aside and working on her mother first. At only a few minutes old, she realized, she made the limiting decision that “the doctor didn’t have time for me because I wasn’t important enough, and that my mother (or others) came first”. She also felt a lot of fear and sadness around this memory that we released.

The second limiting belief she had was: “I’m not in charge of my life.”  She found that sudden unexpected situations and crises frequently surfaced in her career, leading her from one job to another.  She felt incapable of creating long term job stability. Once again, I asked her subconscious mind to go back to when she made the decision that she was not in charge of her life.  She recalled being 2 ½ years old and coming home with her family to find her home completely destroyed by a tornado. She felt sad, bewildered and anxious about the future. As a child she recalled feeling a sense of futility, of why try, and what will happen next?

Since she released her limiting decisions, and she now feels truly in charge of her own success.

It is amazing where and how these limiting decisions are made. I have another case with a client who had the limiting belief that “money doesn’t come easily”. When I regressed him back to the root cause, he recalls being in the womb and actually hearing an argument between his mother and father about money not growing on trees. In this case, his limiting belief was passed on to him by his parents’ comments. This also says a lot about what we are capable of learning or knowing while still in the womb. What limiting beliefs would you like to release?

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